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In our busy lives, we often tend to ignore oral health, especially dental health, and as a result, many of us are eventually afflicted with a host of issues. Maintaining good oral health is important to prevent conditions like gum diseases, bad breath, and tooth decay. It is also important to keep your teeth healthy for years. Moreover, ignoring dental health can lead to severe health issues like heart attack, heart block, stroke, and diabetes.

Building healthy oral health habits from early years play a vital role in maintaining good oral hygiene. Make it a rule to go for regular checkups. What must be kept in mind is that healthy oral habits must be strictly followed on a regular basis or they lose their efficacy. Also, remember, regular online dentist consultations with a dentist are vital, during this pandemic. Avoid visiting dental clinics and go for a dentist appointment online through DocGenie to get advice from the top dentists. Check out dental clinics that offer online dental consultation near you.

Oral health often has deeper implications and can determine your overall health. Hence, do not ignore this part of health and book an online dentist consultation at the earliest. Ensure guidance from the best in trade by booking a dentist appointment online, without delay.

Irrespective of the level of your symptoms, be it initial signs or advanced stages of disorders, online dentist consultation will provide you with the best advice and course of action for your teeth treatment. The top online dentists onboard DocGenie are well-known for making sure you get an accurate diagnosis and the best teeth treatment at the time of your online consultation. That said, if your conditions are complicated and demand advanced medical care, doctors will refer you to specialist online doctors in India for further in-person care.

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What do dental specialists treat?

The following conditions are treated through online dentist consultation –

Bad breath (mouth odour)– This condition results from poor oral health, by certain illnesses, or unhealthy habits like not regularly brushing and flossing, due to which food gets stuck in the mouth and causes bacterial growth and mouth odour. The dental cavity also leads to bad breath and you will need a cavity filling to address this.

If you have this condition, do go for dental cleansing. Visit the DocGenie platform for a list of the top dentists and seeks the best solutions for bad breath. Notably, the cost for dental cleaning is very reasonable; hence, don’t worry about money while going for it.

Tooth pain: Tooth pain is an eventuality of dental caries, infection, injury or dental cavity. Make a dental appointment on DocGenie and we will put you in touch with our best dentists for an online consultation. If necessary, our specialists might ask you to visit for tooth decay treatment so that they can help address the tooth pain more effectively. But first, consult a dentist nearby to analyze the pain and allow the dental expert to decide the course of your care based on the severity of your symptom.

Gum problems: Plaque builds up on your teeth and leads to inflammation or swelling of gums. If ignored, it will result in tooth loss. Book an online dentist in Delhi in case you have symptoms. Rest assured that today you can receive proper assessment and best dental treatment/ tooth decay treatment from online doctors in India.

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Other conditions: Dentists also treat issues regarding the following areas –

  • Salivary glands
  • Muscles of the head and neck
  • Jaw
  • The nervous system of the head and neck
  • Tongue (disorders like geographic tongue and plaque build-up)

During treatment, dentists look for discoloration, ulcers, facial swellings, and lumps to recognize problems and refer patients to specialists if need be. Today, you can also go for aesthetic dental care like laser teeth whitening, invisible braces, or restorative dentistry by visiting a cosmetic dental clinic. For all your needs, consult our dental experts on DocGenie’s online platform.

Think of online dentist consultation for knowing how to maintain oral hygiene and practice the best habits. The expert doctors can guide you through the best oral health regimens that will keep your oral region safe from problems that might disrupt your normal lifestyle.

Here is a list of symptoms for which you will need to consult with a dental specialist or pay your family dental clinic a visit –

  • Teeth getting sensitive
  • Gums are bleeding while brushing teeth
  • The appearance of white or yellow covering on teeth
  • Persistently having bad breath
  • Gum pain or facial swelling
  • Toothache
  • Having fillings or crowns
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Having the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Having health conditions like diabetes
  • Having mouth sore or ulcer

How often should you go for online dentist consultation?

You should see a dental specialist every six months. However, if your dental health needs more attention, you will need to visit a dentist more often. For instance, those with dental braces or certain medical conditions like diabetes should visit dental clinics more frequently. The number of visits will also depend on how well you take care of your dental health individually. If you are at a lesser risk of having dental issues you can schedule dental check-ups less frequently. But it is important to understand where you stand with your oral hygiene, and to do so you need to schedule a dentist appointment. Search for ‘good dentists near me, and book an online consultation on DocGenie website immediately.

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In case you have any of these signs or conditions, find out in-depth medical guides on these health conditions. Moreover, search for ‘good dentists near me’, book an instant appointment on DocGenie website.

What are some habits to maintain dental health?

Here is a list of healthy habits to promote your dental health –

  • Brushing teeth two times every day
  • Always flossing before going to sleep at night
  • Changing your toothbrush every three months
  • Rinsing your mouth after every meal and strong drink
  • Staying away from smoking as much as possible


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