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Online vs. Offline: Where Can You Use Bitcoins


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Bitcoin used to be only owned by big investors. Now, it’s one of the most favored methods in settling transactions anywhere in the world.

Despite certain authorities prohibiting the use of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. E-commerce platforms are accepting bitcoin payments to meet customer needs.

With the widespread usage of most cryptocurrencies, shopping with them is becoming easier. Need any ideas on how to use bitcoin? Here are the best places to use bitcoins for your purchases online and offline!


Overstock is the place to be for people who enjoy shopping online. This online retailer was one of the first retailers that accepted bitcoins.

You can pay for everything with a single click of a button using bitcoin. You can shop for gadgets, furniture, jewelry, and bedding.

Customers can also now pay with other cryptocurrencies. You can use Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash besides Bitcoin.

To use them on e-commerce sites, transfer first your selected virtual currency. Afterward, the system will convert it for you, and you can now buy using bitcoin.

Booking Travels and Reservations

If you’re still wondering where to use cryptocurrency, use them to travel and make reservations!

When it comes to making travel reservations, Expedia is the site to go to for people who always travel. Visitors can use bitcoins to pay for hotel reservations online. Yet, you can only use bitcoin to pay for hotel reservations.

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CheapAir and Surf Air are the sites to book flights and use bitcoins. For both domestic and international flights, their site accepts bitcoin as payment.

AirBaltic and Webjet also accept bitcoins for a variety of flights. They also welcome it as payment for hotels, cruises, and car rentals.

Virgin Galactic also allows those with massive bitcoin holdings to buy space flights.

Buying Gift Cards

Gift card distributors are now one of those retailers that accept bitcoin. Gift cards are popular online bitcoin purchases.

When it comes to using bitcoins as payments for gift cards, EGifter and Gyft beat Amazon and Best Buy. You can buy gift cards with Bitcoin on these two sites. Furthermore, you can redeem them at other popular retailers, such as Amazon and Best Buy.


Microsoft is one of the few computer powerhouses that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Customers can use bitcoins to buy games, movies, and apps from Windows and Xbox Stores.

By accepting bitcoins, Microsoft might take the service to the next level. It should be a dream for movie and game fans.

Aside from Xbox, you can use bitcoin to buy Zynga mobile and online games. You can also buy Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, and PlayStation Network games.

Food and Beverage Giants

Believe it or not, you can also make offline bitcoin purchases.

Many retail and restaurant goliaths made bitcoin acceptance a priority. These include Baskin-Robbins, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Crate+Barell, and Gamestop.

Recently, more businesses have entered the fray. In some countries, McDonald’s and Burger King are experimenting with accepting cryptocurrencies.

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If you’re wondering about bitcoin ATMs and how to use them, check out this article.

Use Bitcoins Online and Offline Now

Now you know where to use bitcoins. Use them now whether shopping online or offline. Not only is it more convenient, but it is the future for money transactions.

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