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Pete Davidson Asks Syracuse for “Peace” After Being Booed at a Game


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Pete Davidson is an actor, a comedian, a sex symbol, and something of an accessory these days.

In the process of rising to his odd position in popular culture, Pete has made some enemies.

One of those foes, it turns out, is the entire city of Syracuse.

After Pete was booed at a game, he’s asking for a truce. Will they give peace a chance?

Pete Davidson was at the Carrior Dome in Syracuse, New York to attend a game.

The sportsball event featured a showdown between the Syracuse Orangemen (yes, that’s really what they’re called) and the Louisville Cardinals.

There, fellow spectators bombarded Pete with “boos,” and it wasn’t because they’re Team Kanye.

Instead, it seems that the people of Syracuse remember Pete’s harsh words for their city.

Three years ago, after filming in the city, Pete roasted the city with his whole chest.

“Dude, I was shooting this movie out in Syracuse,” he said at the time. “Syracuse, you know, it’s trash.”

“Worse than Staten Island,” Pete harshly added, referring to the notorious island of his origins.

“The nicest hotel in Syracuse is, like, a f–king Ramada,” he spat.

For those unaware, Ramada Inn is a hotel chain known as a quick place to sleep that is seldom anyone’s first choice, even for a single night’s rest.

Big Time Adolescence was filmed in 2019, but the people of Syracuse know how to hold a grudge.

Interestingly, Pete was relatively incognito while attending this recent game.

But he is a recognizable guy, and he got an earful from the crowd. Clearly, that made an impression.

Mike Curtis is a basketball reporter in Syracuse who leaned into the moment on Twitter.

He tweeted out a message from Pete “for the city of Syracuse.”

“Thank you so much for having me and my friends in the building,” Pete said. “We had a really great time. So, peace?”

Pete Davidson appears in apology tweet @ Syracuse

Could you say no to that face?

We couldn’t. He is simply adorable.

But then, we’re not the city of Syracuse.

The fact of the matter is that Pete has been known to share his geographic opinions before.

One place that he has repeatedly and strongly slammed is his own hometown, Staten Island.

While it’s hard to say that anyone actually likes or respect Staten Island, Pete was particularly merciless in dragging his hometown.

What’s funny is that fellow SNL comedian Colin Jost also hails from Staten Island.

Colin, however, is a Harvard educated guy from an affluent family, and is much more beloved by Staten Island locals.

Sometimes, it’s hard to say whether people dislike Pete for dissing their city, or Pete disses the city because of his experiences there.

Obviously, most of Pete’s most recently headlines have less to do with how much a city likes him and more to do with how much Kim likes his dong.

He and Kim have been in an apparent entanglement for months, dating back to last October when they were first being seen together.

Something tells us that the sentiments of Syracuse are not at the forefront of his thoughts these days.

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