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Pete Davidson Totally Took These Thirst Snaps of Kim Kardashian, Right?


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Despite a lack of actual, official confirmation, everyone knows that Kim Kardashian is enjoying Pete Davidson these days.

He makes her laugh, he’s hot, he’s so different from her ex, and he’s sort of a post-breakup status symbol these days.

Kim’s latest photos showcase her dazzling MILF body on a steamy vacation.

But there’s a very compelling reason that fans are convinced that Pete snapped these steamy pics.

“Mother Nature,” Kim Kardashian wrote in the captions on Instagram.

Her photos showed her flaunting her incredible body on a tropical beach in a white bikini.

While Kim looks as hot as always, one of the photos really stood out.

Kim’s glowing skin and eye-popping curves actually took a backseat to something else.

Notice the shadow in one of these photos? It was clearly cast by the photographer.

And the entire world more or less agrees that the shadow belongs to Pete.

“The shadow is Pete we all agree, right?” one commenter wrote.

Another poked fun at themselves, adding: “Me zooming in to see if that is Pete.”

A different commenter bluntly recommended: “Tell Pete to not get a shadow next time.”

Pete is a talented man, but he’s not a professional photographer.

In fact, judging by his social media, he tends to take very specific types of photos and that’s it.

Taking pics of influencers of any degree requires a little practice, including making sure that you’re not in the pic.

But … just because Pete took the pic, if he was the photographer as everyone assumes, didn’t mean that Kim had to post it.

She chose to do that. She posted it, knowing that people would notice and comment.

For that matter, she could have easily cropped that photo, or even touched it up to erase the shadow.

It’s not just that Kim let people see the shadow of her photographer.

Kim is a seasoned celebrity who is also very, very bright and adept at understanding what it means to be on social media.

She almost certainly knew that people would put two and two together and jump to the conclusion that Pete snapped the pic.

This may indicate that Kim wished to once again remind everyone that she’s boning Pete into next week.

It has been speculated that she and Kanye have some sort of agreement to not directly flaunt their relationships.

That’s not the same as keeping it a secret — it just means that Kim isn’t making out with Pete in her IG Stories.

Kanye has been famously and publicly insecure about Kim moving on after they ended their marriage.

(Yes, there is a lot of legal work to do before everything is settled … but you don’t need a finalized divorce to be over)

He has openly asked her to come back to him, bought property near where she lives, and reportedly been upset that she is dating.

So it is believed that he may have pitched a fit about her dating Pete.

If that is what happened, it would be reasonable to conclude that Kim and Kanye agreed to keep their dating lives low-key.

A secret is almost impossible at their level of fame, but just because the world knows doesn’t mean that it needs to be confirmed.

But Kim can get away with things like a vague shadow appearing in her pic, or taking photos with strangers in a hotel bar.

She has plausible deniability … and she gets to wink and nudge at her followers about her relationship all the same.

Either that … or thousands of people are just wildly off about who snapped the photo.

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