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Prevent Being Injured at Work


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Infographic provided by Alliance Medication Services, a specialized workers compensation pharmacy


Working is good. It gives you a chance to make money, get health insurance and have a promising career. However, sometimes things go differently than planned, and workers get injured at work. This is why taking preventative measures to stay safe and healthy while doing your job is essential.

Carry or move objects using proper techniques.

The best way to move or carry heavy loads is with a dolly or hand truck, which employers usually provide. These tools can help you avoid injury and reduce the risk of injury from repetitive motion over time by allowing you to use your legs to lift heavy objects. If a dolly or hand truck is unavailable, use two more minor things (such as large boxes) when moving items that are too big for one person but not too heavy for you alone.

Know how to lift correctly.

If you need to move an object:

Use a hand truck or other device.

Ensure the load is close to your body and in front of you.

Keep your knees bent and back straight when lifting.

Keep your arms straight and use them to lift the object.

If possible, use both hands for heavy loads.

Use good body mechanics.

A workplace injury is one of the worst things that can happen to you, but prevention is key. Use your legs instead of your back whenever possible to prevent muscle strains and other overuse injuries. When lifting something heavy like a box or an office chair, bend your knees and keep your arms straight. Even when carrying a bag of groceries from the car into the house, it’s essential to stay as straightforward and aligned as possible—and don’t pick up anything heavier than you need.

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Ask for help if you need it.

If you feel overwhelmed at work, feel free to ask for help. If a task needs to be done and no one else is available, then it’s up to you. Take your time and then have everyone panic when they realize they can’t get their work done on time. And while asking others in your company or department may seem obvious, remember those outside your immediate circle: coworkers, supervisors and even doctors can help with different aspects of your daily tasks at work (especially if they’re trained in HR).

Be alert and pay attention to what you are doing.

While you may not be thinking about it, safety is paramount to staying healthy and happy at work. Don’t let diversion get in the way of your excellent work ethic. Be aware of what you are doing, and make sure that you are working in a safe place. Take frequent breaks to rest up for the next phase of your task. Getting distracted can lead to accidents on the job site.


You can contact a worker’s compensation personal injury attorney/Abogados accidente carro immediately if you’re injured at work. A workers comp Attorney can help you get your benefits and the money you deserve. Every accident is different, and many factors are involved in determining whether an injury is covered under  worker’s compensation law. When these cases go to trial, it’s essential to have an attorney with experience fighting for employee rights in workers’ compensation courtrooms.

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