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Reasons to Seek Marital Counseling


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Marital counseling is a safe way to improve your marriage. It can help you to understand where you want the marriage to go and what changes are necessary for them to happen. In addition, it can help you recognize and address issues that are becoming problematic in your relationship now before they become too big of a problem. These are some of the reasons to seek marital counseling in Singapore.

  1. Trust issues

You want to feel safe. You want to be sure that you can trust your partner. Set some boundaries for how they are allowed to treat you and ensure you are respected. You may have issues with anger or other emotions which can impact the marriage in unwanted ways. If so, consider counseling together, as it can help your partner understand you and the dynamics of your union in better ways.

  1. Poor communication

You may have hurt one other in the past. You may have words that need to be said. If you or your partner are unwilling to talk about things, consider seeking marital counseling to help address these issues and move past them. Poor communication has led many marriages down the wrong path and into divorce court.

  1. Conflict resolution

Conflict is a part of all relationships. The key is to learn ways to resolve conflict in healthy ways. Marital counselors can help you set guidelines and identify unhealthy patterns. They will also help you develop conflict resolution skills that will serve you well for the rest of your lives together.

  1. Lack of intimacy
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Wanting to be with your partner is a normal part of being in a marriage. However, if you are not feeling sexual desire, consider counseling together to help you understand what’s going on from one another’s perspective. The counselor can also help you explore ways to move forward and change how your relationship feels for each other.

  1. Infidelity

Being faithful is vital to most marriages. If you have cheated on your partner, you need to talk about what happened and understand why you did it. Consider marital counseling together to help you sort through your thoughts, emotions, and expectations about this relationship. You will be given a safe place to discuss what happened and how you can move forward with your marriage.

  1. Finances

Unhappy couples often have poor communication skills and relationship problems. Finances also play a significant role in many couples’ relationships. If you are not committed to your marriage financially, then consider counseling together to help you begin to understand better why each other is unwilling to commit.

  1. Family issues

If you have a large or unsupportive family in the marriage, you may be concerned about how your problems affect them. Counselors can help you explore how family pressures may be impacting your marriage and how you could begin to address these issues.

  1. Self-esteem issues

If you are feeling unloved and not good enough in your own eyes, then consider counseling together to help you understand why these feelings are impacting the marriage. It can be very empowering to know how negative thoughts affect our life. And it can help us develop healthy ways to deal with them.

  1. Kids
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Bringing children into a dysfunctional marriage is never a good idea. Whether you have children or want to bring them into the world, consider marital counseling if you are not getting along with your partner. It can help you resolve conflicts in healthier ways to create better habits for your kids.

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