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100% free Tamil dubbed movies/series on Tamilprint2


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Tamilprint2 2023 is the only platform where you will find Tamil content such as movies, shows, web series, and reality shows for free. Now you must be wondering why you should prefer Tamilprint when there are so many other alternatives when it comes to movie downloads. Well!! The answer is simple: there is a shortage of such websites where you will find 100% Tamil content only.

There is no doubt that all other platforms also have some Tamil and South Indian content but the major drawback is that their reach is limited to just popular content only. Those sites spend very little time searching and delivering Tamil content to you. Their main expertise is only in Bollywood, Hollywood, and OTT movies, web series, and shows. But Tamilprint2 is the only website will will deliver those contents to your device without fail. Apart from that there are some major advantages Tamilprint2 has over the convention torrent websites. 

Here the contents are made available immediately after release with unmatched print quality. Tamilprint2 provides you 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, and 8k pixels of resolution and also with an option to stream the movie online with the same print quality. When you will discover the contents of this website, it will become your first preference whenever you wish to download Tamil movies or shows. Be it Rajniaknt’s latest released movie “Jailer” or any upcoming movie of the star, Tamilprint2 will be the first platform to provide you with download options. In the blog, you will be informed of more features of the website and tips and steps will be provided to make the best use of the Tamilprint2 platform. 

What is the Tamilprint2 website?

Tamilprint2 is a leading website that hosts 100% free Tamil content. It is a catalog of more than 10,000 movies and shows that are exclusively featured in Tamil Language. Not only does it have content that was originally made in Tamil but also content from some other industries that are now dubbed in Tamil. Here you will also get English, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam, movies and shows dubbed in Tamil language. 

All the latest 2023 Tamil language movies and shows can be found here after making a few clicks. Due to the variety of content available, there are multiple sites with the name “Tamilprint” which will be discussed later. From previous Friday’s released movies to decade-old movies, all can be found here. Web series and shows from average rating to top-rated are also available. Moreover, twice a week new content is uploaded so that you do not have to venture outside Tamilprint2 to quench your thirst for Tamil movies/web series.  

The interface of the website is simple and has many subsidiary sites. The subsidiary sites provide other content such as from Hollywood, Bollywood, OTTs, Korean, Japanese, and others. There is also a significant number of regional content on the Tamilprint2 2023 website. Talking about the picture quality it provides from standard one to HD print quality. Moreover, the file formats are supported by 3g devices to the latest 5g devices. So here are some advantages regarding the Tamilprint2 website which you must go through to become well versed with the site.

Tamilprint2 vs OTTs

Free movies/series on Tamilprint2 – Tamilprint has many legitimate competitors such as Netflix, Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu, Jio Cinema, and others. Whenever you are in the mood to watch a movie or binge-watch a web series, you first and foremost prefer the OTT apps but the main issue arises when you have to buy their subscription. Paying for one or two platforms is considered a wise decision but paying for all of them isn’t a viable option finally. For example, there is “Stranger Things” available on Netflix while “The Boys” web series is exclusively available on Amazon Prime so what can you do if you have only one subscription? At that point in time, preferred sites like Tamilprint2 will provide you all the content from all these platforms for free. There are dedicated menus for content from these OTT platforms. You can easily scroll through the content and download your desired movies/shows. 

No sign is required on the Tamilprint2 website – The OTT platforms force you to sign in to that customized content based on your history moreover compel you to pay the subscription so that they can use their data to their own advantage. They will also target advertisements and try to pitch an affiliate product to you so you as a user are left with only one option of Tamilprint2. Tamilrpint2 will never ask you for personal details as well as financial details if you as a user act as a control of your preferences.

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Tamilprint2 has an easy-to-use interface – The interface of the OTT platforms is complex. Contents are listed according to search history and algorithms. Many times users end up wasting time on these platforms in finding content rather than watching it. There is no dedicated genre menu for all contents that are randomly organized in the user interface part. So to save you further from this misery also Tamilprint2 is there. Here the movies/web series are categorized into more than 30 categories ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Korean to domestic content such as Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kanada, and others. It has a wide range of movies and web series that are suitable for kids to adults. 

Zero advertisements on Tamilprint2 – There is ambiguity that there are some OTT platforms such as Jio Cinema that offer free content to its users but the main issue arises when they show you unskippable ads that are irritating and disrupt the movie-watching experience. Moreover, the basic version is free. In order to unlock premium shows/series/movies you have to buy their subscription but this is not the case with the Tamilprint2 website. Here you are not shown any advertisements in between your content streaming or downloading. Just by making a few clicks, you can expect your content to be delivered. 

No app download required – All these OTTs such as Netflix, Prime, and others have apps that you have to download in order to watch it on your device. Moreover, frequent updates also come which require extra data as well as storage. With the increase in time, the cache files also increase which causes further strain on your device platform. So to avoid any such issues prefer the Tamilprint2 website because you will not have to go through all these formalities.  

Free HD movies/web series on Tamilprint2 – It is not hidden from anyone that the standard versions of the OTT apps such as Netflix, and Prime only allow you to watch till 720 pixels on your device. To get the 1080p, 4k, and 8k experience, you have to upgrade your subscription which will again cause some strain in your pocket. So again in such situations prefer Tamilprint2 over other leading OTTs.  

Use Tamilprint2 across multiple platforms simultaneously – You cannot play videos simultaneously on more than one device. Moreover, there are also inter-device operability limitations in OTTs. You can log in to only 1 device with the standard version but with the help of Tamilprint2, you can stream your content on multiple devices also. For that, you need to visit the site from your devices and select the “Watch Online” features of Tamilprint2. 

Contents are regularly updated in Tamilprint2 – Take the example of any series in Netflix. It only has a few seasons and there is no announcement of upcoming seasons. Moreover, only those contents are posted on such platforms that are partnered by them. There are many examples such as “Panchayat”, “Stranger Things”, and “The Boys” whose seasons have not been made available on the platform. Nor there is any clue about their release date. The contents nowadays have become redundant on OTTs so there has been a decline in their subscriber base as well. Today, more and more people are shifting their interest to sites such as Tamilprint2 because the movies are uploaded within 24 hours and the complete season of web series is also made available within 10 hours time. If you are lucky enough you may also find leaded movies and shows before their release date. 

Top advantages of the Tamilprint2 website

Apart from Outperforming all Leading OTT players, there are certain advantages of the Tamilprint2 site that will further help you in decision-making regarding the choice of platform you will choose to watch your favorite movies/series.

Tamilprint2 for 100% Tamil movies/shows/web series – There are not many options available based on linguistic preferences sites. All sites either cater to English or Hindi-speaking audiences. In the south Industry Tollywood is the dominant one. You will easily find Telugu movies and shows both in Telugu as well as dubbed languages but there aren’t many options when it comes to Tamil movies/shows. Tamilprint2 is the only platform that understands your needs and delivers you Tamil content. Here you will find original as well as Tamil dubbed content for free. 

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Easy to use interface – Tamilprint has the best interface. All the movies and shows that have been released recently are uploaded to the homepage while others have been categorically arranged based on their industry and genres. Still, if you face difficulty in finding one, you can use the search bar or year filter to find the movie based on the year of release.

Tamilprint2 is the best site for Tamil dubbed and multiple audios – Tamilprint2 not only offers Tamil dubbed movies but also Hindi, Telugu, English, Japanese, and Korean dubbed movies. Based on your preference you can select the available audio tracks after download. It also has subtitles just in case your desired audio is not present in some movie or web series.

Tamilprint2 is an ad-free platform – Here in order to stream your favorite series or movies, you are not shown any advertisements. Even when you choose the downloading option, the site will not open pop-up ads which you will generally find on other platforms. 

100x your speed of download – Tamilprint2 from their end supports faster file sharing and transfer. Irrespective of the file size you choose, the movies and shows will be downloaded within a few minutes once you hit the download option. 

Tamilprint2 has an exhaustive genre of Movies/shows – There are many subsidiary sites of Tamilprint2 that will provide you with movies and shows other than the Tamil language. Here you get more than 30 types of genres ranging from Hollywood, and Bollywood to Tollywood. It also uploads web series from all leading OTTs such as Netflix, Prime, and Hotstar for free. 

The movies are categorically arranged ranging from kids to adults. Here is also a scope that you may encounter 18+ content for free. Be it an anime lover or a crime thriller movie lover, Tamilprint has an abundance of content in each category. 

Tamilprint2 Supports all formats and HD print quality – 95% of the shows and movies available on the Tamilprint2 site support HD print quality. While downloading you can always choose from 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, to 8k of resolutions. Moreover, the file types it supports such as mkv, mp4, avi, and others are compatible with a wide range of devices. Such as mobile, Android, 3g 3-enabled devices, Mac, Windows, TVs, smart TVs, tablets, iPads, and even iPhones and iOS.

You get the option to “Watch Online” on Tamilprint2 – Suppose your device storage is low or you just want to skip the downloading part of the movie/web series then you can select the “Watch Online” or “Stream Online” feature to get the task done. Your content will begin immediately after a few seconds of buffering. Moreover, you also do not require higher bandwidth. A decent speed of 10Mbps will do the job.  

Tamilprint2 has National and international premium content -The most striking advantage of this feature of Tamilprint2 is that it has an exhaustive list of content to offer to its users. You must be familiar with the fact that some movies and shows are not premiered worldwide. Some were released months ago in the USA than in other countries. This is mostly the case with Anime. Anime is released in Japan but it can take anywhere between 2 years to 3 years to make it to the other markets. Mostly the time is consumed in translations, dubbing, and buying the copyrights. 

So the die-hard anime fans won’t have to wait too long now. There are premium anime series that are uploaded regularly on the Tamilprint2 site which you can watch with the help of subtitles. 

Tamilprint2 is the best source of leisure activity – Whenever you are bored of working tediously and choose to watch a movie for relaxation always prefer the Tamilprint2 website. After discussing the in depth of the features hardly any doubts are left to be answered regarding Tamilprint2 features and advantages over the other platforms.  

Types of moves series present on the Tamilprint2 website:

Tamilprint has more than 30 genres and categories of movies/web series to offer to you. Some of them are listed below:

  • SCI-FI
  • KIDS
  • DC
  • VOOT
  • HULU
  • 18+

Alternatives to Tamilprint2 site:

It might happen that you are bored of watching the contents from Tamilprint2 and just for a change would like to explore other options also. Then there are some very good alternatives to the Tamilprint2 site which you can also try to quench your thirst for some additional content. The features of those sites are similar to Tamilprint2 having a similar interface. The only difference is in terms of content quantity. In some, you will find additional content apart from Tamil movies and web series. Below is a list of top alternatives to the Tamilprint2 site that you can plan to visit next: 

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afilmywap movie4me movies123 ibomma katmoviehd MegaShare
movie4me filmy4web Filmymeet 123mkv hdmovieshub Mkvmoviespoint
TUNE MOVIE TUNE MOVIE mp4moviez todaypk prmovies downloadhub
HDhub4u 9xflix  BollyFlix HDHub4u movies SSRmovies tamilprint2
Einthusan katmoviehd MP4 Movies vegamovies allmovieshub tamil yogi
7movierulz extramovies Moviesda hdmovie2 movieszwap mp4moviez
filmygod filmy4wap filmyzilla filmyfly movietube movies123
mkvcinemas moviezwap org filmy4wap  desiremovies moviespapa Moviesming

Print Quality and file types available on Tamilprint2 site:

The Print quality on the Tamilprint2 site is at par with leading OTT providers and other platforms available for entertainment. Be it any device old or new, you will never face any problem regarding the file type and image quality.

HD print quality available in Tamilprint2 Normal nomenclature



Here are some FAQs of the Tamilprint2 website

  1. How to reach the Tamilpint2 website?

The best way to reach the site is to open your browser and type “Tamilprint2” in the search bar. Then you can select the first link from the search result and reach the website.

2. I am unable to find the Tamilprint2 website. What should I do?

If you are unable to find the website then probably the site has become inactive due to copyrights or legal reasons or is under maintenance but there are some subsidiary sites of the Tamilprint2 which are similar in functioning as well as contents. You can refer to these sites to further ease your search.

  • TamilPrint1.Co
  • Tamil Mob

3. How can I search movies/shows on the Tamilprint2 site?

This is not going to be a difficult task. Once you are on the website, first check in the homepage. If the movie has recently been released, it will be present on the homepage. If still, you are unable to find it in the genres category. Additionally, you can also make use of the search bar to search your movie/show. To shorten the search results you can apply filters and the movies will appear according to the year of release on your screen.

4. What are the latest 2023 movies on the Tamilprint2 site?

Here is a list of recent 2023 hit movies available on the Tamilprint2 website:

  • Yaathisai 
  • Jailer (2023)
  • Pichaikkaran 2
  • Custody 
  • Maaveeran
  • Good Night 
  • Chakravyuham The Trap
  • Por Thozhil 
  • Avatar 2 
  • Takkar
  • Maamannan

5. How to download a movie/series from the Tamilprint2 website?

The process to download any movie or website is the same. If you have located the icon of your desired movie, select this option. Then there will be some reviews and information regarding the movie mentioned at the top. Scroll a bit below and you will be shown sample screenshots of the print quality. If you are satisfied with the print quality scroll toward the bottom of the page where you will find all possible print quality and files. Based on your preference you can select the file and print quality.

6. How to “Watch Online” movies on the Tamilprint2 website?

You need to follow the same steps for the download mentioned above but once you reach the bottom of the page, you have to select the “watch online” or “stream online” option provided besides the download one. Then you have to wait for a few seconds till the movie or series is buffering. After a few seconds, your content will play.

7. Is downloading movies from Tamilprint2 legal?

No, it is illegal to download movies/series from the Tamilprint2 site because these sites grossly neglect copyright laws and indulge in piracy. This is the main reason why after some time you won’t be able to find these websites on search results. Piracy should never be encouraged as you can face legal actions as well as fines according to the law. If found guilty you can be awarded a fine or imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years.

8. Is Tamilprint2 safe for kids?

Tamilprint2 is only safe for kids to some extent. These sites contain 18+ contents, which is not ideal for kids to watch. Even in some action scenes, it might contain gruesome murders, killing, drug abuse, and foul language which may have traumatizing effects on even adults. So before selecting any movie/web series please read the disclaimer thoroughly. 


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