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Tammy Slaton Rocks Extreme Filters, Sparks Concern Among 1,000-lb Sisters Fans


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Tammy Slaton has provided fans with yet another update from rehab.

But this one has a certain contingent just a tad bit concerned.

The 1,000-lb Sisters cast member has been in a facility for multiple months at this point, ever since gaining a massive amount toward the end 2021 and then suffering from a major health scare.

It was such a scare that Tammy had to be placed in a medically-induced coma.

Slaton seems to be doing a lot better now, however, as evidenced by her many social media uploads, messages and photos of late.

Earlier this week, for example, Tammy shared the pictures above and below.

As you can see, she’s acting a bit silly for this selfie shoot, while laying a cartoon-like filter on pretty thick.

Just look at those blue-green eyes and huge lashes!

Previously, Tammy posted similar snapshots, sparking a bit of concern from followers who feared she wasn’t taking rehab seriously.

In this case, the concern emanated more from the worry that Slaton is afraid to show her true self online.

“Please stop using heavy filters it’s too much,” one fan wrote in response to these selfies, while another added:

“She’s very pretty without the filter, she doesn’t need it!”

Others, meanwhile, complimented Tammy on her recent drastic weight loss, with one user posting: “We see you losing weight, keep up!”

According to Tammy’s brother, Chris, the TLC personality is down 115 pounds.

“I’m overjoyed that’s she’s ready to get on this train and start rolling down the tracks,” he said on the 1,000-lb Sisters Season 3 finale.

Slaton herself recently told folks that she’s doing well and will allso start filming Season 4 at some point.

This is very encouraging, especially when you stop to consider where Tammy has been.

On one episode last year, Tammy was picked up by her friends to hang out.

She later took to a confessional and owned up to what she and these pals often did when spending time together.

“We’ve just been drinking, vaping. As a teenager, I wasn’t doing any partying. I was super shy about my weight and I didn’t really have many friends.

But now, she continued?

“I’m at the point where I don’t care. I’m gonna be me. We don’t eat healthily.

“Because for me, if I eat something like pizza or pizza rolls, the bread soaks up the alcohol and the grease helps so we don’t get too hungover.”

It was at this point when she also told the camera that she once drank EIGHT bottles of liquor a week to cope with her mental health issues.

That seems incomprehensible, doesn’t it?

Let’s all pray those days are far behind Tammy Slaton.

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