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Tamra Judge Blasts Shannon Beador: STFU You Victim-Liar!


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With the Season 16 premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County upon us, Shannon Beador is making the rounds.

While promoting the show, she of course ended up discussing two former friends and castmates: Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson.

Shannon says that she is not interested in renewing that friendship … or in seeing them on the show ever again.

Tamra is clapping back, demanding that her ex-bestie “STFU” and calling her a “victim-liar.”

Shannon Beador was nothing short of stunned when asked if she was “hopeful” to see Tamra return.

Despite six years of being best friends with Tamra, she said that Tamra has been badmouthing her in the press.

Acknowledging that it’s a sad situation, she confirmed that the Tres Amigas will never return.

That video clip made the rounds on Twitter.

Naturally, Tamra Judge saw it.

As longtime RHOC viewers may recall, Tamra is the sort of person to speak her mind.

“STFU you victim-liar!” Tamra wrote on Twitter, quote-tweeting the video itself.

Tamra then advised Shannon that “not engaging is ‘no comment.'”

This was in reference to Shannon’s seemingly empty claim in the video that she chooses to not engage about her ex-friends.

Tamra Judge tweet to Shannon Beador - STFU you victim-liar!

Truth be told, we’re not sure what a “victim-liar” is.

The hybrid insult is clearly calling Shannon a liar of some sort.

We would assume that she is also accusing Shannon of playing the victim, but using an unusual abbreviation.

It will be interesting to see how Season 16 shapes up.

Season 15 was widely panned and considered lackluster and disappointing.

That said, the season did give us some genuinely great moments … including this reaction moment:

Yes, I use that GIF a few times a month, but only on special occassions.

Tamra and Vicki’s absence wasn’t necessarily the primary culprit behind one rough season.

A lot of factors combined to shake up the OG Bravo series.

Kelly Dodd’s offscreen bad behavior led to a boycott of the season, by viewers and by multiple blogs.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke admitted to acts of domestic violence against her husband.

Besides, it all went down during a pandemic. That took a toll on multiple shows, including others in this franchise.

Even so, many viewers do expect to see Tamra return eventually.

Many believe that Vicki just had to go — her continued presence on the show was keeping it from evolving.

It is widely understood that Bravo felt that Tamra needed to leave with her, or the dynamic wouldn’t change as they intended.

But Tamra could return, and many — including Andy Cohen — would like to eventually see that happen.

If Season 15 had been more successful and more stable, instead of (deservedly!) losing its two most talked-about stars, maybe she’d be back already.

As it is, Season 16 could determine whether Tamra returns, just as it could determine if RHOC goes on a “pause” like RHONY.

Tamra’s state of mutual animosity with Shannon could be an asset to the show if the Season 16 dynamic works out.

She could be added back in and have to find a brand new way to relate to a very different cast.

One difference that we’re hoping to see? Gina Kirschenheiter taking center stage.

Gina is not as inflammatory as Kelly. She doesn’t have Braunwyn’s poor judgment. She doesn’t flip out like Vicki.

But over the past couple of seasons, especially last year when she was basically carrying the shows, she has won over a lot of fans.

It would be interesting to see how Tamra would adjust if she returns and Gina isn’t a newcomer, but something of a Queen Bee.

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