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The 7 Best Roommate Finder Websites of 2022


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Finding a roommate can leave you hopeful and slightly in despair at times. You no longer have to build posters or request acquaintances to find you a match to find your roommate. Thousands of roommates finding online websites and apps have made the process easier and less cumbersome. 

Finding someone compatible with you is essential. You cannot share the same space with someone if you are not on the same page. If you do, then your lovely apartment can slowly turn into a living hell. You are not the only one who is looking for a roommate. Like you, other students and professionals also want to share a room and save some money. You have to know the right place to find them. This is where the best roommate finder websites come to the rescue. 

To find your roommate, who is a perfect match for you, you can try out these websites- 


Cirtru has streamlined the hectic process of finding a roommate in three simple steps. All you are required to list your room on the website, which barely takes a few minutes. The next step is to respond to inquiries through the Cirtru inbox and connect with suitable roommates. Cirtru has emerged as the best roommate finder in the United States of America. It helps people find roommates safely and securely, minimizing the chances of fraud and risks. Cirtru presents the best options available based on your preferences. This website has made it a lot easier to find roommates from the comfort of one’s home. 

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Finding a roommate has never been easier. However, at Roomiematch, you can find an ideal roommate without fearing any scammers. Roomiematch has unique features that catch scammers’ signs and eliminate or block them from their website. At Roomiematch, users can determine who can become their roommate without wasting time. 

Additionally, Roomiematch allows users to find out the exact location of their potential roommates to avoid coming in contact with thugs. Not just software; in fact, the human reviewers at Roomiematch go through each profile to weed out risky and unsuitable roommates. You do not have to waste your time on the profiles of those who do not match your preferences. Roomiematch requires you to add a valid email address to enable you to stay in touch with the applicants. 


SpareRoom is another roommate finder platform in the USA. It pays special attention to the safety of its users. The website’s moderators put in continuous hours to ensure that you find your match. It also allows users to search for roommates according to their preferences and likes. 

The steps involved in the process of finding an ideal roommate are minimum. You have to post an advertisement about your room and connect with your possible roommates. SpareRoom also conducts weekly events to allow flatmates to meet face-to-face. Their UI is not as good as others.


This app has become one of the world’s biggest roommate social networking communities in the past few years. It provides easy and quick services for finding roommates. Users can find their suitable roommate by adding their preferences such as personality traits, interests, etc. 

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Roomster is globally one of the largest online social networking websites for people who want to find roommates. It witnesses over 4 million active listings and is widespread in over 190 countries. Roomster allows users to find a perfect roommate with whom you can share your room to create better living and sharing experiences for themselves. Roomster was launched in 2003 and has become a trusted brand in the industry. Users can also download its app from Playstore and Apple Store. Make sure you stay away from scammers.


This app allows people to share their apartment or room safely and securely. Roomies is a close-knit community of users and ensures that every user follows certain tenets to avoid getting in touch with scammers. Roomies require every person to verify their identity through mobile verification and social media verifications. It features a security system to look into anomalies. Roomies also recommend certain precautionary security tips for users to prevent getting mugged online.


This United Kingdom-based service allows users to find their perfect roommate through easy steps. This is a great platform for professionals and students to share a room. Users can find their apartment or room partners based on common grounds. This app makes teaming up with potential roommates easier and less cumbersome. 


This is a free roommate finder platform that makes it easier for young students to find their ideal roommates. Users can find people with matching lifestyles after mentioning their preferences. The team at Diggz personally curates and looks into the chosen profiles to ensure the one-hundred percent safety of the users. Additionally, Diggz also uses a matching algorithm feature to match roommates. 

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Diggz offers A.I. vetted profiles to remain on their website. This allows only genuine people to stay connected and use the in-app messaging feature. The biggest advantage of Diggz is that it helps users save time by suggesting only relevant and reliable profiles. Users can also refine and filter out those profiles that do not match their preferences. 


Finding a roommate has now turned into a hassle-free affair. You might be in any part of the world, but finding your ideal roommate is just as easy as in N.Y. or L.A. the real estate world is tough. As young students or professionals, it becomes difficult for us to afford houses or pay high rent. You can overcome this challenge by sharing a room with a roommate. This helps many people lessen the financial strain and find an amiable person to share a room with. 

However, sharing a room with someone doesn’t always end in friendship. We have heard stories of roommate fights over dirty dishes, unclean toilets, and late-night outings. It is crucial to be careful while selecting your roommate. You can do a roommate screening to avoid such issues emerging from popping up. Take the best use of these websites.


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