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The Bachelorette Premiere Featured Maybe the Creepiest Suitor Ever


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Michelle Young is off, running and trying to best to choose a potential husband.

On Tuesday night’s Season 18 premiere of The Bachelorette, at least one contestant made it easy for the school teacher from Minnesota.

The guy did something so weird and creepy, Young had no choice but the send him packing.

Who else went home? Who won the First Impression Rose? And did impending Bachelor lead Clayton Echard leave us wanting more from him? 

“I’m looking for somebody who is genuine and passionate, completely authentic,” Young said ahead of meeting her suitors, as Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe returned as co-hosts.

In one twist from the opener, Bristowe and Adams went through the hotel rooms of the men who would be vying for Michelle’s heart, coming across something unusual in Ryan’s room:


Notes about how to score more screen time, how to get a good edit, who to emulate from the franchise and his overall strategy for the show, as you can see below…

Michelle Young creepy guy thing

The very first man to step out of a limo, meanwhile, was Nayte Olukoya.

“Before we start this journey I just want to say, it’s better Nayte than never,” he told Michelle, earning a laugh from the 28-year old.

According to The Bachelorette spoilers, he’ll eventually earn a lot more from her.

As for other arrivals that stood out?

Romeo spoke French… Jack compared himself to a dog… and Clayton presented Michelle with a yardstick, which she used to gently spank the future Bachelor.

Biotech CEO Jamie had “swag” and “positive energy,” according to Young, while 32-year old Rick was wheeled out under a bowl of strawberries and a serving dish.

Sketchy notetaker Ryan then rolled up in an ice cream truck, asking: “Did someone named Michelle order a double scoop of love?”

“I sure did,” Michelle replied, later adding: “You did your homework.”

Let’s head to the cocktail party, shall we?

“Tonight truly marks the start of an important journey — a journey to hopefully help me find love,” Michelle said to the fellas at the start of the gatherring.

“My two parents have been married for 33 years and they’re still madly in love, and it’s something that I’m searching for and hoping might be in this room.”

Young also challenged her suitors to “stay open stay vulnerable and show me your authentic self, because that is what you will always be getting from me.”

Following this speech, a confident Jamie pulled Michelle aside and said the other guys can just “watch” them fall in love, while Peter laid out some homemade cannolis and red wine for his time with the Bachelorette.

Then there was Joe, who Young admitted to having chatted briefly with awhile ago via DM — until he ghosted her.

“You didn’t have to be ready for a relationship, you just had to communicate that you’re not in a good place right now. That’s it,” she told him.

“Because for me, respect is a huge thing and my hesitance here tonight is that how do I know you’re not going to shut down again?”

Back to Ryan now, as he pulled Michellle onto the ice cream truck he arrived in for a sweet treat.

“This man already gets brownie points,” Michelle told the cameras. “I feel like ice cream is kind of like the way to my heart.”

Ryan spoke to Michelle about being a coach for the Special Olympics and Michelle confessed in an on-camera interview:

“I really did feel a connection with him right off the bat.”

But then Young was told by her co-hosts about that shady document in his hotel room, prompting our first awkward confrontation of the evening.

“I was really a little bit caught off guard when Tayshia and Kaitlyn checked in on me tonight and said they stopped by your room and when they were there, they saw some notes about how to get the most screen time, how to not be the villain, searching up facts about teachers.

“Basically acting like you’re interested in the profession,” Michelle said to Ryan.

“And so I wanted to pull you aside because I do want to hear an explanation and I want this cleared up very quickly.”

Ryan defended himself by explaining he was simply new to the franchise.

“To be perfectly honest, I’m very new to The Bachelor and I haven’t seen much of it,” he said. “So I had no idea what to expect and I wanted to get to know, who is Michelle?”

That response didn’t satisfy Young.

“But the notes weren’t about me. The notes were about how you should act,” she said.

Michelle then asked to see the notes, while Ryan made it clear he has seen the show because he told the camera he was there “for the right reasons.”

Young didn’t accept Ryan’s plea for one more chance and eliminated him on the spot.

“After talking with Ryan, there was a lot of red flags that were brought to my attention, and I sent him home,” Michelle then told the guys.

“I am not for a play-by-play book of how to get screen time and how not to be a villain.

“As much as I want to sit here and be disappointed, you guys have been waiting, so we’re going to get this cocktail party back up and running.”

This meant Nayte had a chance to sit and chat with Michelle.

He admitted he felt nervous about opening up, especially since he thought his family didn’t come across as “strong and together” as Michelle’s did.

“I had the best childhood ever, but my parents got divorced,” Nayte explained.

“My mom just went through another divorce with my stepdad, who’s like my best friend. So what I’m looking for too is meeting that person and being able to bring together that togetherness.”

The candor worked well for Olukoya.

“I wanted to start by telling you how when we were talking earlier tonight you kind of expressed that it was difficult for you to be vulnerable, in that it might have to be something that you ease into, but I truly saw you push yourself.

“And even as you opened up, you were completely Nayte,” Michelle said to him.

“Nothing but Nayte. So that being said, Nayte, will you accept this rose?”

Nayte was happy to do so, and then the two kissed!

At the rose ceremony, Michelle began by giving a rose to Jamie. Then she handed roses to: Leroy, Martin, Spencer, Rick, Clayton, Peter, PJ, Mollique, Romeo, Daniel, Brandon J., Will, Chris S., Rodney, Alec, Pardeep, Christopher G., Casey, Olu and LT.

She then excused herself before presenting the final rose to figure out if she wanted to keep Joe after he blew her off prior to coming on the program.

“Why are you popping back up now? Why did you wait? Is it because I’m the Bachelorette?” she wondered in an on-camera interview.

In the end, however, she decided to extend that last rose to Joe

“Cheers to really beginning the journey!” Young toasted with the remaining men.

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