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The importance of mindfulness in children


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The world that we live in today is rather fast paced and this fast pace brings with it issues that are open to challenging both kids and adults alike. Safe to say, anything above the threshold of a child may adversely affect their mental and emotional health. Being mindful and aware all the while getting in the habit of practicing affirmations on the daily as second nature prove to be strong tools in not only reassuring kids but also assists them in building strong, resilient brains.

Why is practicing mindfulness so important? 

For anyone around the world, being mindful, or being mentally present in the moment without being judgmental, undeniably has many perks. However for children, its use becomes a necessity since its benefits are even more evident. Children who are in the habit of being aware and practicing mindfulness are better equipped to tackle the issues or any curve balls that life throws their way. This is because of their developing self-awareness, mental capacity, and stress management skills.

An Increase in Attention Span and Focus

Kids who are habitual mindfulness seekers are able to build more focus and participate more attentively in their activities. In order to help achieve academic and personal goals surroinded by distractions, a well developed focus is a key skill.

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Compassion and Empathy

It’s essential to be compassionate and understanding of everyone around you in order to foster healthy and successful relationships. Kids who get in the habit of practicing mindfulness from the get go are able to partake in non toxic relationships. This is not only with other people, but these kids are also kinder to their ownselves and overall live a more healthy lifestyle. 

The development of empathy improves interpersonal interactions and communication, which results in a more peaceful social environment. 

Confidence and Resilience with the help of affirmations

Affirmations are a part of mindfulness that further promote it and give it a nice boost. Affirmations for kids can be used to help them develop resilience and self-confidence, by reminding themselves of their own value and importance in their groups. Affirmations are short, uplifting phrases that can be repeated to oneself, as an exercise daily. 

Change the course of thoughts

Taking up the habit of talking through your affirmations can change your nasty thought patterns, replacing self-doubt with confidence and optimism. It’s no secret that our mental affects not just our mood but also our daily efficiency and performance. 

Mindfulness boosts a kids performance by miles and it’s clear as day in the way they socialise and carry themselves in interactive sessions. These children gain a strong sense of self-worth that gives them the confidence to take on problems. 

Regulating Emotions

Children are able to acquire various strategies under their belt to improve emotional management through mindfulness and affirmations. They learn to get in touch with their feelings and respond carefully instead of impulsively. Their emotional intelligence enables them to resolve disputes in a cool-headed manner.

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Being Practical 

It’s not a tough feat to incorporate mindfulness and affirmations into a child’s daily routine. It can be done through simple techniques like visualisation, silent thought, and guided breathing! Participating in these activities as a group also encourages candid discussions about emotions and mental health.

In a society where there are cultural expectations, stress of studies, and various distractions, mindfulness and affirmations provide kids a sense of empowerment. These tools and strategies enables our leaders of tomorrow to grab the skills they need to overcome obstacles with confidence, patience, and resilience.


Affirmations, kindness, mindfulness are all habits and traits that pretty much change the coarse of someone’s life. People grow up to change their ways and get on this bandwagon to better their mental health and life, having otherwise grown up in toxic environments or being targets of self-harm in any way. So imagine a world where kids grow up and are trained this way from the get go. We will be able to nurture and bring up children that are in touch with their feelings, are well rounded and overall spread positivity. 

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