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The Importance of Sustainability in the Online Casino Industry


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Despite gambling’s growth in recent years, or perhaps because of it, iGaming’s place in society has never been under greater scrutiny. Not only that, corporations on the whole are being pushed to increase sustainability, reduce their impact on our environment, and become a net positive in society. 

The casino industry has listened, the message coming in loud and clear. This is how iGaming is changing its approach to help companies create a sustainable future

Starting at the Local Level 

Casinos are placing a lot of emphasis on partnering with local companies and contributing to various initiatives, either the ones that help players who are suffering from problem gambling or turning to environmental issues. 

For example, in the UK, casinos have come together to pledge a total of 1% of their profits to help local charities that combat these issues. 

Another example is companies in New Zealand that have seen positive results with a local-first approach and have since turned this into environmental initiatives, with SkyCity helping the local community through coastline cleanups, native tree planting, and community support projects. 

Sustainable Packaging 

Online casinos have large staff numbers, from developers to cleaners to managers. So even though customers never set foot in an online casino, a lot of waste is generated on a daily basis. 

Once again using SkyCity as an example, the company has partnered with a local company called Ecoware to ensure packaging for food and drinks is fully compostable. As a result of this initiative, the company was able to divert a stunning 496 tonnes of waste from landfill to commercial compost. 

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Leveraging Solar Energy 

Solar has been severely underutilized by casinos, until recently. Casinos in Las Vegas, for example, have taken advantage of the Nevada sunshine to power their day-to-day activities. MGM Hotels installed extensive solar paneling on the roofs of their buildings, with more than 90% of the company’s energy now coming from solar energy. 

This strategy is also being applied by online casinos, installing panels on office buildings as well. This not only ensures an eco-friendly energy supply but also reduces costs over time. Of course, an initial outlay is required, but the payoff is a net positive in the long run. 

Sustainable Suppliers 

Another step online casinos are taking is opting for sustainable suppliers where possible. For example, online casinos have an extensive need for comprehensive hosting solutions for their websites and apps. 

Choosing a host that is sustainable and focuses on green energy can help save the planet. GreenGeeks, for instance, prides itself on its no-waste mindset. The company ensures it maximizes the use of green energy and has also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees all over the world. 

Cloud Technology 

Moreover, online casinos are turning to cloud solutions not only to improve business practices but also to improve sustainability. Cloud technology isn’t necessarily greener by definition, but there are several factors that mean this is usually the case: 

  • Superior infrastructure. Companies that focus on cloud technology focus on efficiency and limiting power usage. 
  • Reduced energy use. Traditional systems require a lot of electricity, whereas cloud options are far more environmentally friendly. 
  • Pay for what you use. This means there is less waste, with companies usually not buying a lot more than what they need (as it’s far more expensive!). 
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According to a recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, moving to the cloud for email, CRM, and other common products would be the equivalent of powering Los Angeles for 12 months! 

Cleaning Green 

Yes, cleaning companies can have a significant negative impact on the environment. Anything from abrasive cleaning products to single-use gloves all combines to cause damage to the planet. 

Online casinos are increasingly employing companies that focus on green cleaning practices. Gentle cleaning chemicals, multi-use cleaning tools, and an emphasis on limiting waste all combine for a sustainable cleaning regimen. 

Small Changes, Big Results

These steps may seem small to the untrained eye. However, put them all together, and you have big results on a wide scale. With online casinos representing a hefty chunk of many major economies, it’s important that they work together with local charities, the government, and the wider public to ensure sustainable targets are met. 

Sustainability = More Business 

Making changes for the better good of the environment is not only the morally correct choice, but ultimately it’s also good for business. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how our buying choices impact the environment and are altering how they make their purchases based on how companies behave. 

For companies looking to retain their foothold or expand their market share, ensuring sustainable practices become part and parcel of business is key. Without sustainability, both the environment and the bottom line will suffer.

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