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The Keys to Making Share-Worthy Organic Social Posts


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Do you want to grow your online presence, boost brand awareness, or engage new prospects or customers? Your use of social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for organic posting should be a key part of your strategy. Some marketers are skeptical about the value of organic posting, and for good reason – these spaces are so saturated that reach is limited and it can take ages to see the impact. 

And while this is certainly a valid concern, if you have buckets of content at your disposal and learn to write posts effectively, organic social won’t take much time to add to your marketing mix. And it can really help you achieve your marketing goals and supplement paid channels. In this article, we share our top tips for creating organic posts that SLAP.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

In order to make organic posting worth your time & scalable, you need to amplify content, offers or marketing props you already have. No starting from the drawing board. Has your SEO team created a new quality blog that is relevant to your audience? Has your paid social team created an in-depth eBook waiting to be leveraged? Do you have an awareness video being used on your website? All of these are great opportunities to create a snazzy, impactful organic post. Use this as the starting point to branch off and as the link to drive too.  

Make your Post-Short and Sweet 

As with all things marketing, short, sweet and simple are the building blocks of any good organic social post. Be clear about what you’re wanting to call out and what your call to action is, be intentional with your words and ensure your language communicates this in the most concise way possible. There should be no room for confusion, only a clear path forward for the reader. 

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Inject Personality & Charisma 

In order to make organic posts that stand out on your prospect’s newsfeeds, you need to make sure to inject some personality (don’t go lightly on this!) Your brand’s personality needs to be consistent and compelling. With millions of posts out there, it’s only the one that hold something unique and catchy that stop a scroll spiral. 

Add Some Value 

You need to make sure that there is something of value being offered and that that value is communicated clearly to the prospect. If it’s an upcoming webinar you promoting make sure that you give at least one reason why it’s worth them blocking out on their calendar. If it seems like you’re just trying to fill up space on your business’ profile – users will see straight through it and they certainly won’t be putting their trust in you. 

And there you are! 4 easy-to-follow and effective tips to creating organic social posts that are intentional and truly enable you to achieve your marketing goals. Put these into action and there’s no way you will be questioning the impact of your organic social efforts.

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