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The Top 4 Business Benefits of Localization


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Localization is not a new concept. It is the process of adapting a product, website, software, application, or document to meet the language, culture, and other requirements in a specific target area.

Anyone in the business world who has had the task of selling a product or service to a different regional market is well-aware of the various stages of adaptation they must go through to be accepted. In the past, this was not localization but it was included under the umbrella of global marketing or product marketing. Ultimately, the goal is the same – to adapt your message to your target audience and achieve better results.

To help you better understand this concept, below you can read about what benefits localization brings for your business and use it to achieve new heights of success.

Increase Market Share

If you have a website, you automatically have direct access to global markets. No longer do you need to be a multinational supergiant to be able to buy and sell on an international level. If you own a popular video game, app, or software, you have a major chance of making it in a global market.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the specific needs and wants of potential customers who reside in other countries. Your top priority should be to translate your website into the local language since there’s a huge potential market out there waiting to be convinced to buy what you have to offer. 

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As we mentioned above, an important aspect to have in mind when discussing potential customers is to do your best and understand them and their needs. Even though you might have plenty of data about what is working in the markets where you’re operating, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the same insights and solutions translate into other markets.

By understanding what your market necessitates and having an efficient process for implementing changes at every level, you’ll be able to adapt your products and services to the needs of a brand new audience. Utilize a reliable localization platform as it will help you customize your website or software to meet the new market’s demands and keep your products, offers, and solutions consistent, as well as provide an excellent user experience no matter where you’re operating.

Boost Sales

A whopping 56% of eCommerce customers say that using a website in their language is more important than the price when deciding where to buy. In the travel industry, for instance, 80% of EU citizens will not decide to buy unless the information is available in their native tongue.

These statistics are just some of the reasons why an increasing number of companies are localizing into more languages than before. The 2017 Web Globalization Report Card highlights that the top 25 global websites currently support an average of 54 languages each.

Drive Better Brand Integrity and Improve Ranking

Localization protects brand integrity by screening names and slogans for double meanings and identifying brand-safe alternatives.

Localization also takes a closer look at the subliminal messages your marketing sends in numbers, colors, and graphics since what is acceptable in your country could be truly offensive in your customers’ home country. For example, even something as innocent as the cartoon character Bob the Builder is not safe. Bob has 4 fingers, which in Japan means that he is part of the mob.

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Localization of your website, software, or mobile app will not only deliver the right message to the target audience but will also optimize your content for international search engines. When you localize your website to consider key factors, such as culturally appropriate images, and international site speeds, your ranking will go up.

You must also keep in mind that not all countries use Google or Bing for searches. For instance, the most popular search engine in China is Baidu. On an SEO level, localization takes into consideration all these factors to improve your company’s ranking and conversion rate.

Better Customer Service

Localization can help in reducing the amount of uncertainty on a website, resulting in improved customer service. With localization, products, descriptions, and specifications are easily understood, leading to optimal customer service. Another great benefit of localization is the review section as prospects are more likely to buy a product from a website they see high ratings for. With localization, all parts of your website are translated and culturally relevant, including the reviews,

Final Words

If you’re looking for ways to expand and extend your business operations, now is the time to look into the localization and jump on the bandwagon before any of your fierce competitors do so. Localization will help you increase market share, boost sales, drive better brand integrity, improve ranking and get satisfied customers.

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