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These are the benefits of a good outdoor jacket


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Step one in preparing for the new season is, of course, purchasing a good outdoor jacket – our stores are now full of them again. The choice for a good outdoor jacket is not easy and, moreover, such a jacket can come with a considerable price tag. That is why we are happy to help you on your way and explain the advantage of a good outdoor jacket like Arcteryx, which jacket suits your adventures best, and how an investment in a (more expensive) outdoor jacket pays for itself twice.

A jacket for every adventure

Do you need a jacket that will keep you dry and warm every day when you cycle to work, do you like a brisk winter walk through the woods, or are you crossing North East India this winter to witness the magic of the Leh Laddakh? You may imagine that your choice of a suitable jacket depends very much on the intended use. The price tag of the jacket also logically increases if more is asked of the women winter jackets wholesale.

The best materials

Brands such as Woollen Wear, have one thing in common: they make outdoor jackets of exceptionally high quality, where the choice for the best materials is always central. By using high-quality materials, such a (more expensive) outdoor jacket will last for years under normal circumstances. This quality is not only reflected in the fabric of the jacket, but also in the zipper, pockets, hood, cuffs, hem and ventilation holes. Jackets from these top brands are made with an eye for the smallest details.

Breathable and waterproof

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In addition to a long lifespan, the materials of a good outdoor jacket have a number of special properties. Due to the right composition of fabrics and a special material technique, a good outdoor jacket is waterproof, but at the same time breathable. On the one hand, this ensures that perspiration can escape from the body, so that your body remains warm and dry. On the other hand, it stops water from outside. This ingenious combination of features ensures that you never catch a cold, even during your winter adventures.

Ask the specialist

When you know what you will be using your outdoor jacket for, it’s time to make a choice. Naturally, you let your eyes speak, because in addition to a functional jacket, you are certainly also looking for a beautiful jacket. But don’t just focus on the appearance of a jacket and preferably let a specialist advice you. In order to enjoy a jacket for many years, it is very important that the jacket fits your use and has the right fit for your body. Fortunately, at Woollen Wear, the best wholesale winter jackets supplier, you can choose from a very wide range of outdoor jackets; together with one of our specialists, you will always find a jacket that suits you perfectly. Do you want to gain inspiration or order your favorite jacket online quickly? Then take a look at all the outdoor jackets.

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