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Things you should add on your digital business cards: A complete guide to create a powerful Business card.


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A digital business card is a way to exchange contact information online. They are comparatively less expensive than their paper counterparts. With digital cards, there are no size restrictions; you can include as much or as little information as you wish. You may enhance your card with a photo, a logo, social network accounts, and more in addition to your regular contact information (including your name, firm, email address, and phone number).

Making a digital card requires important decisions about what to include and how to convey it. Here are our best suggestions for making a business card properly. Only the elements on the list that will serve your company the most should be used; the others are not essential. However, when choosing what to put out on a card, there are a few things you should always highlight and get personalized notepads is also a great idea.

  • Picture and visuals:

When creating your own, begin with a clear image of yourself. Anyone who takes a quick glimpse at your business card needs to see that you are competent, assured, and personable. However, if you can, add more images to your card to stand out. A logo is a wonderful choice, as is a film or presentation that showcases your business or highlights its accomplishments. Whatever you choose, make sure it is carefully positioned and doesn’t occupy up the entire card.

  • Title, department, and company:

A virtual portrayal of your firm or industry serves the identical purpose as a digital business card. Therefore, it must provide information that consumers or other professionals find interesting.

Put your firm name, job title, and company’s name in focus. For the reader to recognize you right away, it is a good idea to make your name larger and sharper than the other details.

  • Color schemes:
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Many components of your digital business card should not have complicated functions, but you should also consider the colors. Make sure people can recognize your brand right away. Make it interesting by using words, shapes, and colors. The core of your branding consists of each of those components. Remember that the card’s purpose is to draw attention to your specifics and promote pleasant emotions rather than to wow visitors with its effects.

  • Contact information:

You should try to make it as simple as possible for others to contact you. How this information is presented helps to better understand who you are and may help to find areas of agreement. You don’t have to use fancy contact information. You can write them in a plain font together with any other elementary details.

  • Website links:

If you have one, don’t forget to include your professional website while making your virtual business card online. It is essential to include your website on your business card. Your website not only informs visitors about you and your company, but it also has the potential to generate leads and sales. There are several ways to integrate your website, depending on the provider you choose to develop it and how much data you can fit in.

  • Attach social media links:

You should mention social media on your digital business card if it is essential to you or your company. Your social media accounts are a fantastic supplement to your digital business card, much like your website. Although one is preferable to the other, you can incorporate them similarly. Here are some social media accounts you can add for the best results:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Your mini-portfolio:
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You may showcase some of your work on your digital business card through files, websites, or even reviews.

If you do want to include files, ensure they are error-free. More information than you can place on your card in its pre-made area, on a few pages, might increase its efficacy. Be imaginative while showcasing your abilities.

Any favorable comments from partners or clients would be appropriate to mention here. You can give your reviews in full if your card permits digital copies. Otherwise, a few brief statements will do.

Final words

Remember that even if you adhere to all of these guidelines while creating your digital card, no one will contact you any time soon if it is unattractive and bland. You must be innovative in how you show your cards so that they reflect who you are. Instead of telling people what you do by using your job title, demonstrate it via the design of your business card.


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