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Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring


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Buying an engagement ring is a crazy experience. You will be excited to start a new relationship but you will also be nervous about making the best choice in the ring department. Not just this, an engagement ring is also an expensive affair and you need to ensure that every penny you spend is worth it. 

With all such things in mind and the pressure of the proposal, it is easy to make mistakes. But this article is not about them. We will make sure that your engagement ring shopping in Sydney turns out best and your partner is left singing your praises.

Now, without further delay, let’s unravel the ultimate tips for buying the perfect engagement ring: 

1. Set Your Budget

Jumping into engagement ring shopping without knowing your budget is a mistake you would not want to make. Otherwise, you will get home either with a broken heart or a burning hole in your pocket. Thus, be prepared financially. You can start by checking the market price of the different materials such as gold, diamond, or platinum and decide which one fits your budget. When you are sure about the budget, you can also narrow down the options and get specific brochures of beautiful rings

2. Research Your Partner’s Style

Do not, we repeat, do not forget this step. After all, it is your other half who is going to wear the engagement ring forever. Thus, make sure you put enough time and effort into learning what she likes and prefers. If you have a great understanding, you can ask her questions about her jewellery preferences. But if you do not want to drop any hint, talk to her best friends, sisters, or even mother to get some good suggestions. 

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3. Get the Size

We still haven’t reached the shopping part yet. This is to ensure there are no loose ends or mistakes when you finally purchase your promise of forever. So, before stepping into the jewellery shop, get your partner’s ring size. You can do it secretly by taking a ring they wear on a daily basis. If you skip this step and estimate the size on your own, you may end up buying the wrong size. And that is something no one should even face during an engagement ceremony. 

4. Learn the Basics

Whether you are buying a simple diamond ring or a grand one, make sure you learn about terms and things that ensure you buy only the best quality engagement ring. You can begin by deciding the metal. While gold rings are most popular in India, people are now turning to diamond and even platinum rings. Rose gold is also a good and unique choice. As for the basic terms, here is your syllabus: 

  • 4Cs (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat) If You Are Planning To Buy Diamond Ring
  • Ring Setting (Tiffany, Eternity, Bezel, Channel and Pave)
  • Certifications and Hallmark

5. If In Doubt, Take Help

Even though you read all the guides and get all the tips, there are chances that shopping for an engagement ring may still be difficult. In that case, it is always the best idea to get help. Ask your mutual friends or any other person who is closer to you to help you out with the shopping. Having a second opinion also takes away any confusion if you end up liking more than one engagement ring. 

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Follow these tips and listen to your heart – that is what will help you find the perfect engagement ring for your soulmate. All the best.


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