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Tips To Extract Raw Honey Without Using An Extractor


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If you are health conscious, you know the significance of raw bee. Some people look for the best honey brand in the world to appreciate raw honey, but most of the brands purify honey before packaging it. So, if you can not rely on any other source, you must know the ways to extract the natural and raw bee yourself. Here I am going to introduce a complete and thorough procedure of extracting bee from beehives and you do not need to spend a hefty amount on extractor because I have assembled the best ways to the extraction of honey without using any extracting tool.

How To Extract Raw Honey Without Using An Extractor?

If you are trying to find some ways that can make you enjoy the bees’ labor without investing any extra money, the following tips are going to help you very much.

  • Eliminate each covering over the raw (comb) from the super.
  • Hold the comb vertically and tip it marginally forward. It will help you in uncapping the comb and you can slice it.
  • Now remove the wax capping from the comb by using an electric knife. It is best to cut the quarter from the bottom of the bee comb and be more careful because your fingers can get hurt. Slicing the bottom will complete almost 25% of the procedure.
  • Use a capping scratcher to slice away the missed cells and repeat the same procedure to the opposite side.
  • If you do not want to buy an extractor, there is another efficient way to extract bees. The easiest way to do this is to crush and drain the comb and it is very productive and helpful for extraction.
  • You can start it by cutting the comb into smaller pieces or chunks. Now crush the chunks thoroughly.
  • Now it is time to strain the broken honeycomb cells and for bigger chunks, it would be wise to start through a colander.
  • Now keep the crushed comb cells in a warmer place as it will give the best results. The optimal temperature to let the bee flow is around 90 degrees. Make sure the temperature is not too high because it can break down the enzymes as well.
  • Now pour the strained using a mesh strainer into a jar (mason jars are preferable.
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How To Choose The Best Honey In The World?

If you find it difficult to extract the raw honey yourself, you can also rely on some honey brands. There are some factors that you need to consider before buying the best honey in the world, and once you get to know them, it would become much easier for you to buy yours. So, let us get towards those significant factors that need to be considered.

Types Of Honey

Three types of honey are the most reliable and beneficial as well. These are as follows:

Raw Honey

Raw honey is the real nectar that comes directly from the beekeepers and it is not purified and has all the enzymes and impurities within. This type comes with the natural properties of honey and many people confuse it with organic sugar. Raw honey is strained before packaging and holds all the nutrients and antioxidants that are naturally in it. On the other hand, organic honey undergoes many procedures and it does not contain any pollen or has a reduced degree of antioxidants in it.

Pasteurized Honey

It has a lucid and smooth look. This sort of incorporates the heating cycle at high temperatures yet in this procedure, all the important enzymes and nutrients are being killed. In order to keep up the characteristic of natural, the normal flavor is added remotely. The flavor of the nectar relies on the flowers from which the bumblebees take the pollen grains.

Unpasteurized Honey

This type of honey is handled at a low degree of temperature. Even in the wake of warming the honey, the greater part of the properties is present in it. This unpasteurized honey helps cure bruises normally as it incorporates antibacterial properties which make the recuperating process quicker.

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What Are The Advantages Of Raw Honey?

There are countless advantages of raw honey and some of those are as following:

  • The critical advantage for our health is its ‘Antimicrobial properties’. It has a lot of powerful antimicrobial properties.
  • Raw honey additionally contains cancer prevention agents (that help the body cells from harm from free radicals) like a few vegetables and natural products do.
  • You may have seen the home solutions for the fix of numerous ailments, for example, having cold, influenza, cough, and surprisingly more terrible sore throats. Simply a teaspoon of it and you are all around great.
  • The main thing is raw bee benefits authority loss whenever joined to your daily plan. Simply begin taking a tablespoon of it alongside lemon juice in Luke’s warm water and see the distinction. It will likewise make your skin look more glowing and sparkling.
  • If you get a profound injury simply apply the layer of it routinely and it will recuperate quickly.


Raw honey is comprised of essential nutrients with no addition of plastic composites or another unhealthy sweetener. Right now, it is a serious task to discover raw and unfiltered bee when you have many related items on the lookout.

Raw hone can give you a fit and sound eating regimen. It is valuable for the skin and the principal thing is its weight reduction property.


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