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Top 19 Types of traditional rugs- online rugs store


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Perhaps, both oriental and Persian rugs come in the traditional category. However, there are many types of both. Indeed you can easily buy the one that best suits your style. Well, all the traditional rugs are lovely. Moreover, they are adorable as well as elegant. Keep in mind; rugs add warmth and style. As compared to the carpet, they are trendy. Again traditional rugs are timeless. They have great worth.

Instead, you have floor mats or carpets; a rug is always a beautiful addition. Moreover, they add more interest in the space. Nowadays, traditional rugs exist in a wide variety. With a vast array of colors, shapes, and styles, you can add them to any place. All the spaces have different needs. So, buying one that fits everywhere is overwhelming.

Persian and oriental rugs are standard around the globe. Well, both of them are known for their unique designs. However, given below are some of the traditional rugs that have an exciting flair. So, let’s begin with the most beautiful rugs.

Traditional rugs in an online rug store

 1. Abadeh rugs

Well, these rugs strongly resemble Shiraz rugs. However, they mainly own the cotton fringe. They have unique features. Along with particular designs and styles, they are incredibly in touch. Moreover, these rugs online mostly feature tribal designs. Most often, they are accessible in red and ivory. No doubt they are worth the investment.

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2. Afshar rugs

Indeed, these rushes also feature tribal designs. Again these rugs are available in red, blue, brown, and ivory. Mainly they weave in southeastern Iran. However, these rugs are usually available in small sizes. But you can get them in large sizes too. Well, they are in modern styles. 

3. Ardebil rugs

Perhaps, these rugs have unique motifs. They are mainly based on cotton. However, they have elegant and bold designs. You can get these rugs in white, red, blue, and green. No doubt all of them are superb in style. 

4. Bakhtiari rugs

Again, these rugs have a tribal approach. Most often, they have garden patterns. Well, you can get these rugs in bold colors. The Bakhtiari tribe prepares them. These rugs are mainly not for export. So, only the tribal people usually use them.

5. Bakshaish rugs

These rugs are similar to Heriz rugs. Most often, they are designed in large sizes. So, they can fit in any room size. Also, you can get them in medallion patterns. However, they are available in geometric styles too.

6. Baluch rugs

Probably, Baluch people design these rugs. Well, they are available in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Moreover, they have tribal and geometric designs. Well, you can also have these rugs in the prayer mats. Again, you can have them in a medallion pattern too.

7. Bibikabad rugs

These rugs are available in red, blue, and ivory colors. Moreover, you can also get them in green highlights. Of course, you can get them in the Herati pattern too. And, yes, this is the most common rug pattern. 

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8. Bidjar rugs 

Woah, these rugs are known as the iron rug. They are most common in Persian. Moreover, they have a strong weave. Furthermore, they can handle heavy traffic. Again, they are highly durable.

9. Birjand rugs 

Of course, they are beautiful pieces. Moreover, they have the finest quality ever. Most often, they are designed in Iran. Furthermore, they have fine details. Again, they have intricate styles. They are indeed a perfect addition to any space.

10. Chennai rugs

These rugs are featured pieces. They have diamond patterns. In most cases, they resemble medallions. They are durable. Moreover, they need extra care.

11. Dergazine rugs

These rugs have a typical floral pattern. Moreover, they are accessible in red, blue, pink, and green highlights. Again, they have a central medallion. 

12. Enjilas rugs 

They are made in Hamedan. Again, they have red, yellow. Ivory and blue colors. No doubt they have a beautiful pattern. Also, they are highly durable. You can place them in busy places.

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 13. Ferahan rugs

They have a vintage look. They are designed in Iran. Moreover, they have curvy designs. Well, they have beautiful floral patterns too.

14. Gabbeh rugs

In online rug stores, these rugs are widely available. They have a bold color palette. Most often, they are available in red and other colors. These rugs usually have a thick pile. Also, they have a lower knot count. 

15. Gorevan rugs

They are designed in small designs. They have a coarse weave. Indeed, these rugs have specific styles and unique designs.

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 16. Hamedan rugs

These rugs are some of the most common traditional rugs. They have a Persian origin. They have beautiful designs and patterns. You can learn about these rugs on the internet. 

17. Heriz rugs

These rugs are the best pieces. Well, you can add these rugs to any home. They usually have bold colors. Indeed, they have central medallions. You can also get them in the overall patterns. They have red and ivory tones. Interior designers love this rug type. 

18. Hussainabad rugs

They are similar to other rug styles. Also, they have red, blue, and ivory schemes. They have a Hamedan weave. Most often, they follow a Herati pattern. You can browse the internet for more information.

19. Josheghan rugs

Typically, these rugs are available in red, blue, and ivory color schemes. Usually, they are made of wool and cotton. Also, they have a lattice design. No doubt, you can also add floral and diamond motifs. So, they are one of the best options to add interest in any place.


In an online rug store, all of the traditional rugs are available. However, before making a final decision, look at the type, style, shape, and material. Find out the basic parameters. Never buy a rug on random ideas. Try to buy those that can add a unique look to your space. Traditional rugs are a considerable investment. So, be very much care about them. 

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