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Top 4 Smart Way to Package Your Product for E-commerce


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If you want to sell a product on the internet, it is important to think about what kind of packaging will work for your product. You don’t want the customer’s experience with your product to be bad. That is why from day one, you should think about how you can protect this from being damaged or of a low quality. When a customer orders something online, they might not think that packaging is so important because they did not see it in person before buying it. It’s just a bunch of boxes. But the way you package custom packaging boxes wholesale can affect your e-commerce business. If they are not packaged well, people might think that you are not good at what you’re selling.

When you have an online store, it is easy to think that the way you package your product does not matter. But that is not true. It can affect how people view your brand and even their perception of the quality of what you are selling.

  • Proper Packaging should be designed based on customers’ preferences.
  • Sleek Packaging should be clear so customers know what they are getting before they buy it.
  • Durable Packaging should have a professional look with high-quality materials so customers trust in its quality.
  • Packaging should include all necessary information about the product including size, weight, ingredients, etc…
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1. Use high-quality materials that are recyclable

In order to start a new product, you should use the highest quality materials that are recyclable. One example is using recycled plastic, which can reduce your carbon footprint. And other examples include using recyclable metals and shipping products in heavy duty polystyrene foam.

Use the Right Packaging

People will see the package when they open it. If the package is made of scratchy cardboard, then people might not like your product. Packaging should be made of breathable and moisture-resistant material to help maintain your product’s longevity. Soft packages are easy to close and will close on their own quickly.

There is less friction in selling hard-to-close products. It is easier for people to open these products. When it comes to the feeling, fabrics with a smooth feel are important for your product. Also, when you ship your product, think about the color of the package. You don’t need to spend money on this but it can help people get what they need faster.

2. Don’t Make It Bundle

This is one of the most common mistakes that online store owners make. They treat their products as a bundle. But this is not true. People realize they are different because they can’t smell them anymore. The best thing to do is to sell these items individually so people know what each item smells like and how it feels on their skin. The packaging makes it more unique. Know what your market is when you are trying to sell something. It is important to focus on not just the latest trends but also what people already like. When you are adding new items, make sure that they are similar in some way to items that people already know and like.

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If you worry about how difficult it is to develop every single brand and keep them all in line and cohesive, don’t worry.

3. Brand your product with your logo

Branding is an important part of your business. Your brand is like your business and you want to put it on everything. You should put your logo on everything, for example, on the card you give people and also on the product and in the package. It’s best if you use a tagline that goes with your brand and then put that too.

People like to see images of products. If your products look good, it shows people that they are quality and you care about your company. As you don’t care about customers, then you shouldn’t be an online store.  The logo enhances the chance of customers seeing it. If they see the logo, then they will remember your product. This is good for small businesses because people will think about the seller and when they need to buy another item in that business or maybe when their current products stop working.

 3. Protect your product from damage in transit

You have to consider a number of things when it comes to protecting your product from damage in transit. The most important thing is to find a way to keep your product from moving around a lot during shipping. The transit faces many problems and can cause damage to the product. Make sure that the product doesn’t move much so it won’t get damaged.

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If you want to prevent your product from being damaged by electrical surges, take it out of its packaging and put it in a special type of protector. This will help the product not get ruined if there is a surge. If your product gets damaged during shipping, then people won’t be happy with the purchase because it won’t work anymore.

4. Use the right-sized space for packaging

Packaging is what you put around things and give to other people. It tells you a lot about the product and it can make or break a purchase. If the packaging is not good, it means that the product might not be good too. You need to have enough packaging material on hand but not too much. You want to make sure that the product is protected, and you may need a lot of packaging material depending on how big it is. But you also do not want too much because it will take up a lot of space and slow down shipping. You need to find the right balance that works for you.


The packaging is the container of your product. It should be designed with all factors taken into consideration to make it easy to produce and maintain. The custom packaging online also helps advertise the company’s brand name, besides fulfilling its function as a container for your product inside it.

When designing the material and graphics, think about who is going to look at them. The shape and design should be for people in that group. You should also leave space on the packaging for your logo so people will know what company it came from.



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