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Top 5 Astonishing Vape Tricks to Amaze Your Friends


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Quite a lot of people have adopted vaping as it comes with many advantages over smoking. In addition to the series of health advantages, it presents an excellent way to show off and amaze your friends. 

Generally, vaping is less harmful and attractive to various population groups like adults and teens. This is not surprising as vaping is cheaper in the long run, has less toxic chemicals than cigarettes, and does not have an offensive smell with a series of flavors. 

Besides all these benefits, vaping can help boost your social skills as there are tricks that will make you come off as a vape god to friends and fans. This article will shed light on vaping tricks that will leave your friends wanting more. 

  • The Mystic Bubble

This is a cool trick to try if you already know how to blow bubble gum bubbles. Consider it an advanced variant as it produces bubbles having thick vapor, which will appear cooler. For this trick, you will need a bottle of bubble solution or soapy water, your vaporesso coil collection device with strong vape box mod, and a toilet paper roll – empty. 

You can start by sucking in as much vape as possible without breathing in. Now put an end of the toilet roll into the soapy solution. From the opposite end of the toilet paper roll, gently blow the vape. 

Provided you do this correctly, you will watch in awe as huge smokey bubbles appear at the other roll’s end. You can spice this up by using flavored e-liquid, in which your friends will burst the bubble as they love it. 

  • The Flying JellyFish

This is one of the best tricks to amaze your friends. However, part of the process of knowing how to handle this trick is knowledge of how to blow an O ring.

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As a recap, this is how to blow smoke rings:

  • Suck in as much vapor as possible without breathing in
  • Tuck your lips around your teeth without docking out, which will give your mouth the O shape
  • Gently, make a coughing gesture.

After perfecting that, here is the trick for the flying jellyfish 

  • Using your hands, push the “O ring” outward gently. Make sure you do not break the vapor and closely follow the “O.”
  • In pushing the vapor, take a huge hit.
  • Suck the smoke in and behave like you are ghosting. Release the smoke to pass through the floating O ring
  • Waterfall

You will need a prop for this trick. Also, fill a water bottle with little water, only the bottom part, and refrigerate. 

When the water freezes, you need a bottle and take a considerable hit from your vape device. Transfer the smoke into the water bottle with slow and small puffs. 

As you breathe out, turn the water bottle upside down and watch as the vapor pours out on a surface. The vapor flowing out of the bottle will appear like a waterfall flowing gently. 

You can also attempt the liquid mist, another trick similar to the waterfall, in which you will need a plastic cup rather than a water bottle. 

This variant of the waterfall trick will require a cup half-filled with water. Blow the vape into the cup and watch as the vapor settles on the liquid, bringing about a mythical effect. This is a terrific trick to impress people. 

  • A Tornado

After learning how to do the waterfall vapor, figuring out the tornado will prove to be an easy task. It, however, involves keeping the waterfall vapor still on the surface to give life to this trick. Tornado creates a mesmerizing visual effect alongside a pool of smoke that comes from the waterfall. 

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This trick will require a couple of guidance with your hands to direct the smoke as it travels up. Commence from the outer end of the smoke and move it with your palm facing downward. 

Gently guide your hands to the center of the smoke pool, turn your hands to the side and pull up. The motion will also direct the movement of the smoke. You can adjust the speed of the movement of your hands to create different tornado effects. 

The tornado is also possible by starting with a huge vapor blow, not necessarily the waterfall. 

  • Vapor Rings

We saved the most impressive one for the last. However, you need to know how to blow rings before you try this. Blowing rings is like the foundation of many cool vape tricks you can try. 

Before doing this, you need to know how to draw vapor into your lungs. This involves opening your mouth in a way that the lips will create an “O” shape. Position your tongue in the bottom of your throat and back to form a big cavern where the smoke can express itself. 

After this, release the air in your lungs in short and quick successions, keeping your mouth and tongue in the same position. You will have the vapor coming out in little rings, following each other. 

This trick might take a while, but with constant practice, you can get the hang of it and become the master of vapor rings. For people struggling to get this to work, you can try and flick your cute fingers against your cheeks as you slowly release the air. This gradual motion will help recreate the effect. 

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You need not enter a vape trick competition before improving your vaping skills. These are impressive vape tricks that will transform you into a vaping god among your pals. 


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