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Tori Roloff Responds to Concerns Over Son’s Legs: Is Jackson Okay?!?


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Tori Roloff is expecting her third child.

The Little People, Big World star has been very candid about how this pregnancy is affecting her mind and body, too.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Sunday, however, Tori shifted her focus from her baby-to-be to her toddler-who-already is.

In less complicated terms, Roloff answered an important question about her four-year old son, Jackson.

What’s the latest on his lower half, someone asked?

“So Jackson DID have leg surgery,” Tori explained.

“However, it was to correct bowing over time. He had plates put on his growth plates. Nothing changed immediately.

“As his legs grow, they will hopefully straighten, and we will avoid a more invasive surgery.”

The TLC personality — whose two kids both were born with Achondroplasia and, as a result, struggle with a few physical disabilities — noted that her oldest child has “been overcompensating while walking to avoid his shoes touching his ‘boo boos,’ which is why they look more bowed.”

She then emphasized the most important thing:

“They aren’t changed and he’s not in any pain.

“We’re hoping over the next 5-6 years, the pigeon toe and the bowing will be gone. Thank you to everyone who has reached out with concern for baby J.”

tori's reply

What prompted this lengthy message?

Tori felt a need to provide the update after sharing footage from her and Zach Roloff’s beach trip with their little ones.

In this video, Jackson can be seen sitting in his car seat and then running on the sand — and, as you can see via the screen capture below, it’s hard for one not to notice that the boy’s legs looked to be angled more inward than usual.

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Check out the visual here:

jackson legs

Tori and Zach’s son underwent surgery in December.

“This kid time and time again blows us away,” Tori wrote via Instagram last month.

“He was so brave and confident.

“He made Zach and I so proud as he talked with the doctors and nurses and was wheeled away without worry.”

Roloff went on to refer to Jackson’s surgery “one of the hardest days” she’s experienced since becoming a mom, writing at the time:

“Watching your child in pain is never something a parent wants to go through.

“However, we are trusting his doctors and our Lord that this was the best decision for him.”

The Little People, Big World cast member welcomed Jackson in May 2017, followed by Lilah two years later.

The couple suffered a miscarriage in March 2021, but then confirmed in November of that same year that their rainbow baby is on the way.

He or she is expected to arrive early this spring.

No, the couple isn’t finding out the gender ahead of time. Nor do they know if the child will be a dwarf like his/her siblings.

Back to Tori and his legs, though.

A few weeks ago, Tori showed him walking in a video taken two days after the procedure.

“This kid is absolutely killing it,” the proud mom gushed as a caption

“I am so proud. It was the less invasive surgery (thank goodness) and easier all around on baby J.

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“So we won’t see a difference for a while, but he is so resilient and is taking it all like a champ.”


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