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Tori Spelling: I Want to Divorce Dean McDermott, But I’m Too Poor!


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For months now, rumors of a Tori Spelling-Dean McDermott divorce have been circulating non-stop.

Similar reports have turned out to be bogus in the past, but this time, all signs seemed to point to Splitsville.

First, Tori met with a divorce lawyer and then went out raging with her girlfriends afterward.

Shortly thereafter, Dean was spotted eating a Big Mac without his wedding ring.

And oh yeah — there was the whole “these two never actually seemed to like each other, and their marriage has been plagued by rumors of infidelity and financial ruin from the very beginning” thing.

But after all these months of speculation, there’s been no separation announcement and neither side has filed for divorce.

So what’s going on here?

Are Tori and Dean simply waiting until after the holidays for the sake of their five children?

Maybe, but if they’re attempting to keep this thing a secret, they’re doing a very poor job of it.

Hell, even on this year’s Spelling family Christmas card, Dean is conspicuously absent.

So it doesn’t seem like Tori and Dean are staying together for the kids.

However, they might have an equally valid reason for remaining legally hitched.

According to a new report from the print edition of Us Weekly (as reproduced by Celebitchy), financial concerns have forced Tori to hold on filing for divorce.

“Tori hasn’t divorced Dean because she can’t afford to,” one insider tells the outlet.

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“Between the costs of childcare and being the higher income earner, Tori is stuck financially. A divorce would push her into bankruptcy.

A different source tells the tabloid that while Tori and Dean do have a prenup in place, the legal situation could be complicated due to the length of time they’ve been together, the size of their brood, or the fact that Tori is the top earner by a wide margin.

“Tori wants to move on as inexpensively as possible,” the insider says.

Unfortunately, expensive divorces are an ultra-rare phenomenon, especially in cases where there are five kids and millions in assets involved.

We’re sure Tori will eventually get fed up and do what she has to do in order to put her marriage out of its misery.

But she’s not in a position where she can simply pay to make Dean go away.

Rumors that Spelling and McDermott are bankrupt have been haunting the couple for years.

And even if those reports have been exaggerated, it seems clear that the McDermotts have struggled financially in recent years.

(Much has been made of the couple’s decision to downgrade from a mansion in tony Calabasas to a much more understated home in working-class Encino.)

So it’s possible that Tori will have to wait several months — or even longer — before she’s able to divorce Dean without losing her shirt in the process.

One would think that after 15 years and five kids together, dude would have the decency not to squeeze Tori for every penny she’s worth.

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But divorce brings out the worst in people, and Dean was highly sus to begin with.


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