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Upskilling For Accountants: How Can Accountants Accelerate Their Careers?


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Truth be told: If you want to accelerate your career as an accountant, you need to upskill! Finance is a competitive industry to break into. As such, you will need to equip yourself to stand out from the competition. This includes not only pursuing higher education but also, networking within your industry. If you are successful, however, the benefits are worth it! Accounting is one of the most well-paid and highly regarded careers available. So, to learn more about how to upskill and accelerate your career in finance, just keep reading.

Upskilling Your Accounting Capabilities: Pursuing a Higher Education Qualification

When it comes to becoming a professional accountant, the best pathway to a successful career in finance is to upskill your qualifications. This can be achieved by completing a higher education degree, such as a Master of Business Administration, or MBA. You can complete an MBA online at RMIT, for instance. RMIT University is a tertiary education facility located in the city of Melbourne, Australia. By undertaking RMIT’s MBA degree through online study methods, however, you can complete the qualification from almost anywhere in the world! You just need to be able to access the coursework materials digitally. 

When studying online, the course information, assessment guidelines, and other important details are usually located within a virtual student portal. As such, the materials required to complete the degree can be accessed by students whenever it suits them best! If you prefer to study late at night, you can. Otherwise, cramming for assessments in the morning before your day job is possible too! The best thing about online study is that you can make it compatible with your lifestyle. There is usually also the option to complete the course on a part-time basis. This makes attaining a qualification even more flexible and achievable than ever before – especially if the student has other commitments outside of their degree. Admittedly, though, it will take you a little longer to graduate from your course if studying part-time.

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The Importance of Networking: Making Your Mark in the Accounting World 

Another critical element to accelerating your accounting career is to make sure you network! Just like in any profession, it is often who you know, not what you know, that secures you a position. As such, rubbing shoulders with colleagues, peers and voices of authority in the field is essential for your career progression. 

Networking doesn’t have to be a chore, however. Often networking opportunities take place in social contexts. These can be in the form of corporate galas or events, for example. Irrespective

of the context, however, the aim of the game is to talk to the right people! Putting yourself in front of people who matter, and who can make a difference in your career, is essential. You can achieve this by researching the individuals who make up senior and upper management within your accounting firm. You’ll be climbing the corporate ladder in no time! 

Careers in Finance: Job Prospects and Salary Expectations

As an accountant, the job opportunities at your fingertips are almost endless! Some of the career pathways available to finance professionals include:


Often employed by a company or organisation to manage internal finances, accountants are usually tasked with managing tax returns, as well as undergoing financial data and record management. Accountants can also operate privately – that is to say, to act as financial advisors for private clients, rather than an organisation or company.

Financial Analyst

The role of a financial analyst requires a great deal of in-depth research into fiscal matters. This in turn can assist in giving financial advice to either private clients or the company they work for. Importantly, an individual aspiring to a career as a financial analyst requires strong capabilities in mathematics.


Investment Banker 

For individuals with a keen interest in finance, why not pursue a career as an investment banker? This can be one of the most lucrative careers there are. Which, admittedly, is what attracts many money-minded individuals to this particular profession! In Australia, for example, an investment banker can expect to earn at least AUD $120,000 annually.

Financial Broker

A financial broker is often negatively referred to as a loans shark. Indeed, their profession involves brokering loans for clients. This involves offering advice on lending and borrowing for several purposes – including mortgages, car loans, and personal loans – to name a few.

If you are a qualified accountant, you are well-established for a lucrative career in finance. Of course, careers in finance can be challenging, and not just anyone can step into a financial profession. You need to be appropriately qualified and educated. As such, it is important to equip yourself with a course or degree in finance – such as an MBA, for example. Once you have graduated, however, your career will thank you for it! Indeed, the career prospects for accounting graduates are very promising, and you are likely to earn a considerably well-paid annual salary to boot. 


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