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Information About Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy


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What Is Vestibular pe?

If you struggle with issues of imbalance and dizziness, you know how hard it is to cope with this condition and continue on with living your life normally. One helpful treatment option to this bothersome problem is by being involved with a specialized therapy known as vestibular rehabilitation. When you suffer from balance issues or deal with a lot of dizziness in your everyday life, vestibular rehabilitation strives to help you manage these symptoms so they do not impact your quality of life as much as it has in the past. While this particular therapy takes some time in order to be effective, the results can lead to a less dizzy life in its hopeful attempt to help you find your center of balance. Balance therapy Rigby strives to help you get this condition under control and so you do not have to continually live under the fog of dizziness through vestibular rehabilitation therapy. 

The Process of Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Before the process of vestibular rehabilitation therapy begins, you will go through a screening and evaluation process to help determine the cause of balance and dizziness problems. Once it is identified what your exact issue is, physical therapists are then able to design a unique and personalized therapy and training program to help get you back into walking a straight line throughout your day. This evaluation will test the structures of your inner ear (that deals with balance) along with leg balance and flexibility. There is a series of exercises that a physical therapist can work with you with so that you can build certain muscles to ward off imbalance problems. Some of these exercises can include:

  • Retaining balance exercises 
  • Strengthening muscles and stretching exercises
  • Controlling your eye movement exercises

Advantages of Therapy for Balance Issues

While going through, and after completing, vestibular rehabilitation therapy, you will begin to see improvements in your balance and less of your dizziness. Benefits of this therapy can help reduce your risk of falling and getting hurt. It can help to improve the strength that you have in your body which causes more centering and stability. These exercises can strengthen and stabilize your vision to cause less dizziness in your day to day life. Physical therapists will also teach you how to complete these exercises at home so you can continue to practice them and keep improving everyday. Even if all your symptoms don’t go away at once, you will still have the means to keep practicing them so that you can continue to see improvement. 

The Help of Physical Therapist

A trained physical therapist is experienced in diagnosing and helping those with these particular imbalance conditions. They will have the knowledge and tools to create a personalized strategy to help improve your symptoms and get the best quality of care. Living your life to its fullest by being able to move freely is the highest goal of a physical therapist. They will strive to provide the best treatment for you so that you can reduce these unfavorable symptoms and improve your quality of life for the future.

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