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Vinny Guadagnino Blasts Angelina Pivarnick: We’re No Longer Friends, Liar!!


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Even off camera, Angelina Pivarnick has a lot going on.

On camera, she may have finally gone too far for Vinny Guadagnino.

Wanting revenge for how people talked about her marriage, she conjured up a rumor out of thin air.

Angelina’s attempt to teach a lesson backfired, and cost her trust — and a friendship.

Okay, so remember how last season, Angelina was the center of attention in the worst way?

There was a rumor that she was cheating on her husband, Chris Larangeria, and everyone seemed invested in following up on it.

That kind of rumor can ruin lives. On Jersey Shore, Angelina wanted payback.

During a group dinner, when Vinny was not around, Angelina exacted her revenge.

“Word on the street is that Vinny got a girl pregnant,” she announced at the table.

Pauly D didn’t waste any time, video chatting with Vinny without delay, which is when Chris blurted out the rumor.

Vinny of course denied that he’d knocked up anyone.

(It was, after all, a total fabrication)

In confessionals, various members of the cast suggested that Angelina was causing problems on purpose to distract from real marital issues.

So ultimately, no one was buying what Angelina was hoping to sell.

Despite that, Vinny was still understandably unhappy about it — especially because it had come from Angelina.

“People make up rumors all the time,” he complained to Pauly later, “but it’s not cool when it’s coming from your inner circle.”

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“Spreading a fake lie about me, it’s crossing a line,” Vinny asserted.

“And,” he characterized, “that’s like a snake move.”

Vinny added: “I wouldn’t put it past Angelina and Chris to make it up to take attention off their messy life or something.”

Jenni clearly felt similarly, referring to the rumor as a “typical” Angelina ploy.

Meanwhile, Deena called it “a scumbag move.”

Angelina, however, decided to double down on the admittedly and transparently false story, defending her choice to the camera.

“People talk s–t about me all the time,” Angelina complained.

“Stuff that almost ruined my marriage, broke my marriage up,” she continued.

“But,” Angelina claimed, “I didn’t sit there going, ‘Oh, I’m so pissed.'”

Obviously, editors immediately showed a flashback montage of Angelina flipping out over each and every rumor and allegation.

“Vinny loves me,” Angelina insisted to the camera.

She incorrectly predicted: “He’s not going to get mad.”

Angelina and Deena traveled to Los Angeles to see Vinny … who was still, in fact, mad.

The moment that they sat down to dinner, Angelina chose violence, asking: “How old’s your baby?”

Vinny fumed to the camera: “By making up lies about me, Angelina crossed a line and I’m still pissed as f–k.”

Angelina continued to pretend that fabricating a rumor out of thin air about your friend is the same as repeating something that you actually heard.

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In fact, she alleged that her husband had first heard it.

“None of this is my problem,” Angelina insisted, “all I’m saying is what I heard.”

“People say a lot of s–t about me that’s not true or whatever,” Angelina continued.

Vinny tried to explain to her that something said by bloggers or unconfirmed reports is not the same as a friend inventing an allegation.

“That’s the thirstiest thing I’ve ever seen. Why are you making that up?” Vinny asked. “That’s a big thing to make up.”

“If you want to bring something like that up, make sure that it’s true first,” Vinny advised her.

“Don’t say it. It’s not real,” he continued.

Suggesting that she come to him as a friend first, Vinny added: “Say it to me.”

Angelina continued to foolishly insist that this was totally the same as the circulating stories abou ther marriage.

“Allegations happen about me all the time, sweetie pie,” she fired back.

“Vinny, everyone makes up f–king something about each and every one of us,” Angelina insisted.

“You’re looking at me here, the person who has been through all of it,” Angelina declared.

“I don’t f–k with you,” Vinny warned her. “You lost me as a good friend.”

Vinny and Angelina flipped the bird to each other, and it was not as fun-spirited as it may have looked to viewers.

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“Angelina and Chris unfortunately lost me as a friend after doing something like this,” Vinny confirmed to the confessional camera.

“We can hang out,” he admitted.

“But,” Vinny clarified, “they’re not in my circle of trust anymore.”


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