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What Are Imago Relationships


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On the usual – love is every human’s number one obsession. So many markers form the reality of one’s love life. However, these all root from an unconscious level. Noting that these all root from the unconscious and forcing one to open their eyes and view that there needs to be a conscious shift in order to get the love you want or keep the love you found is the way to repair any gaps in the relationship. The Imago Relationship stimulates the necessity to communicate effectively with each other and seek relationship counselling in order to right the wrongs in a relationship. Be it in a marriage or live-in situation or even in same-sex relationships. It’s important to stress the need for marriage counselling and relationship counselling in Manchester

Introduction to How Relationships are Formed

Each one of us, while growing up, even on our first day, as a child, have formed an understanding of the word love through everything we view. Our knowledge of love is usually mirrored from our upbringing, experiences and influenced by those around us. Every act of exhibition of love is what forms our understanding of love. The love interactions you’ve had with influences in your life are going to be markers of the definition of love for you. 

Role of Imaging & Mirroring Relationships and Experiences

Not only is the mirrored experience that influences your understanding of love, but the unmet needs that one’s grow up with also direct one’s definition of love. These two factors together form the concept of love that you seek to recreate in your life. Usually, when one is seeking for someone to love, they consciously or unconsciously gravitate towards finding the kind of love they already have in their lives. 

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They mirror it and secretly hope that they can also fulfil the secretive needs that you weren’t willing to share with others. On finding this person, you begin your romantic journey alongside them.

Conflict of Expectations

For a while, everything works out well for the both of you; however, sooner or later – you start to see flaws in this perfect image of love you’ve created. You see flaws in your partner and see, and know that they cannot meet all your needs. On the other hand, your partner too begins to feel the frustration of not fulfiling your needs and perceptions. Added alongside these tensions are the unfulfilled needs of theirs as well. All this tension in the air begins to create issues in the relationship, drawing out the unhappiness of the couple.

Repairing this gap in communication and understanding oneself, and each other is what having couples therapy through the Imago relationship dialogue does. These relationship counselling are available in Manchester. 

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