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What is Shubhman Gill Wife name ? Clearing the Sara-Sara confusion


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Who is Shubhman Gill’s real wife? Is this the question you have been hunting for since the previous IPL? You might be aware of his stats in cricket but may have limited knowledge about the Cricketer’s personal life. Shubhman Gill is an Indian Cricketer and a talented sportsperson who hails from Fazilka Punjab, India. Lacking opportunities in his hometown, his father along with his family shifted to Mohali Punjab. The PCA Stadium welcomed Gill with open arms and became the home ground for him. His father is an agriculturalist but was fond of becoming a cricketer himself.

  • Gill’s entry into the Indian Men’s squad happened soon in 2019, against New Zealand. Later he played important innings in the famous “Gabba test” against Australia in 2020. So far he has gained experience and has been exposed to playing in all conditions. He also holds the record for the youngest player to score a double century breaking the former record of Ishan Kishan. He made 208 runs against New Zealand in an ODI format match. 
  • Shubhman Gill is also a versatile player when it comes to T20 format. He holds the record of the highest score by an individual in the Indian team. In the famous IPL franchise, he has previously played for Kolkata Knight Riders and is currently playing for Gujarat Titans. 
  • His initial steps before entering into International Cricket as a career include playing for Punjab in Ranji Trophy, where he debuted in 2017. Recognising his performance the selectors shortlisted him for the ICC under 19 World Cup in the following year 2018 where he was also the Vice Captain and his other close friend Prithvi Shaw was the Captain. With the collective efforts of the team, India emerged as the Under 19 World Cup champions in 2018 where Shubhman Gill was awarded player of the series. His 102 not-out knock against Pakistan in the semi-final of the tournament was applauded by many Cricket legends such as VVS Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar,  and Sourav Ganguly.
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Shubman Gill Age

Shubman Gill was born on 8 September 1999 and is currently 23 years old.

Shubman Gill’s Personal Life

  • His family hails from Fazilka Punjab and has an agri-related business. In his family, he has a mother, a father and a younger sister. His father’s name is  Lakhwinder Gill and his mother’s name is Keart Gill. His elder younger name is Shahneel Gill and has been spotted in stadiums cheering for her brother during multiple events. Gill has a deep love for his farming background and often visits his ancestral village whenever he is able to sneak some time out of his busy schedule. 
  • Shubhman Gill till now has not been married but is rumored to have relations in personal life. He has been spotted by many Paparazzi with someone while at the airport or during vacations. Below is the account of all relationships Gill is rumored to have had in the past as well as the present.

Shubman Gill’s relationship details: Who is he dating?

Shubhman Gill and Rashmika Mandanna

Once in an interview, Gill was asked about their celebrity crush where he named Pushpa actress  Rashmika Mandanna as his famous actress and someone he would love to work with. This news spread like wildfire but it was later revealed that Rashmika was just his crush and there was nothing boiling between the two. In fact, Shubhman Gill and Rashmika Mandanna have never met each other. His answer to the question was totally professional but was misunderstood and poorly reported by the media houses. Shubman Gill also tweeted that he never gave any such interview and all this was just a hoax narrative built by the media.

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Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar

  • You must have heard about this relationship as well as Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar. Sara Tendulkar is the daughter of the Legend-Sachin Tendulkar. Both Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar
  • Follow each other on social media which is generally followed by casual flirting. Officially neither Sara nor Shubhman Gill has confirmed any news about their ongoing relationship. The existence of relationship between Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar exists only in social media and memes. However, some people have reported seeing them together in multiple instances but nothing substantial could be revealed from it. 
  • To support the relationship between Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar also exists in social media where on Instagram Gill uploaded a photo on Valentine’s Day. Sara also uploaded a similar photo and both the pictures have the background in common from where netizens were able to deduce that the couple was probably together at the same cafe enjoying Valentine’s Eve.
  • Apart from this fact all other pictures, videos, shorts, & articles are fake or edited and have no existence. The relationship between them can be as friends or as a fan and a cricketer. The only reason why they are rumored to be together may be due to the fact they belong to a similar generation.

Shubman Gill and Sara Ali Khan

  • Sara Ali Khan – Sara Ali Khan is a famous Bollywood actress and has worked in many movies such as “Kedarnath”, “Simba” and others. She is the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. Once while Gill had recently debuted for the Indian Team. He was interviewed by Punjabi actress Sonam Bajwa where he revealed his liking for the actress, Sara Ali Khan. Soman asked him if he would get a chance to date her. Will he do it? Gill replied “Maybe” for this question. 
  •  While Sara on the other hand has recently revealed in “Ranveer Allahbadia Show” that she is clearly single as of now but does have plans to settle for someone in the future and raise a family. 
  • The reports of Shubman Gill and Sara Ali Khan began in February 2021 when they were spotted together in a hotel lobby and boarding the flight. This can be a coincidence because they were never spotted together again except for one occasion when Sara and Vicky Kaushal were enjoying an IPL final match and Shubhman was playing for the Gujarat Titans. In the video, Sara and Vicky are seen celebrating after Chennai won the match. Had Shubman Gill and Sara Ali Khan dating? She would have cheered for Gujarat Titans instead.
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All these events do not confirm Shubman Gill’s relationship with Sara Ali Khan, Sara Tendulkar or Rashmika Mandanna. None of the parties involved have confirmed any news but no one has denied as well. So the ambiguity still prevails.


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