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When To Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: Key Signs And Indicators


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Workplace accidents can have devastating emotional and physical consequences for employees, leaving them to deal with coverage, medical expenses, and complex workers’ compensation needs on their own Seeking legal help can make the difference all into the outcome of your employee salary claim – it may even save money it! In this blog post, we will detail the characteristics that determine when an employee should seek legal advice on their workers’ compensation claim filed with us.

Complex or Denied Claims

Should your workers’ compensation claim become complex or denied by an employer’s insurer, consulting an attorney at Fendon Law can be helpful. Our attorneys possess the legal expertise needed to explain why their decision has been denied as well as handle any appeal process on your behalf. They possess legal expertise that helps create more compelling arguments on behalf of their clients’ cases.

Disputes Regarding The Extent Of Disability

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is invaluable when dealing with disputes regarding your disability. Insurance companies may attempt to minimize injuries or deny them, but an experienced workers’ comp attorney can collect evidence, consult medical experts, and negotiate fair compensation that accurately represents your condition.

Retaliation Or Employer Discrimination

Employers often retaliate and discriminate against employees who file workers’ compensation claims; If you believe your employer unfairly dismissed you, treated you unfairly or took other disciplinary action as a result of your comments, it is important to seek legal representation.

Uncooperative Insurance Companies

Stressful interactions with insurance providers often end in wasted time and anxiety, with some firms going as far as to intentionally reject or delay your claim. Should an uncooperative insurer refuse legitimate benefits or respond promptly to inquiries about them, an attorney can use legal pressure against them so you get what is owed to you.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Your workers’ compensation claim could become complex if your work exacerbated any existing medical conditions, with employers or insurers asserting that your symptoms were unrelated to work activities – thus limiting benefits. An attorney can help establish that job activities exacerbated your prior condition for maximum compensation.

Lack Of Medical Coverage

Workers’ compensation reimburses medical expenses associated with workplace accidents. Where an employer or insurer refuses to authorize treatment or delays the timeline of potential recovery options, a lawyer can help expedite this process for you it will fall on you quickly.

Confusion About The Workers’ Compensation Process

Workers’ compensation involves multiple forms, deadlines and requirements that can leave you confused or overwhelmed. If this situation has happened to you, consult a legal or workers’ compensation specialist who can guide and protect your rights while getting you to an ideal resolution.

Negotiating A Fair Settlement

Even when your claim is approved, having an attorney negotiate a fair settlement can be helpful even after approval has been given. Insurance companies usually try to resolve disputes as inexpensively as possible; an experienced lawyer can help value your claim before initiating negotiations on its value to achieve fair compensation that covers all associated costs.


Knowing when it is appropriate to engage a workers’ compensation attorney could make the system more manageable. If any of the symptoms listed above arise, immediately seek legal advice and take appropriate action. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer should be able to protect your rights and ensure you get paid what is owed you so you can focus on healing without distraction from paperwork or processes. Contact a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer now–free consultations may be offered!

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