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Why is Side Income Important? 5 Ways to Have an Extra Source of Income


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In our modern consumer culture, maintaining a decent lifestyle is getting more and more expensive, and hence tougher to cover with just one job.

Especially after the devastation, the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment has reached all-time highs in many countries around the world. 

Millions of people have lost their jobs, and many more are going to, as the big companies are slowing down recruitment. So, there’s no job security anymore. In this case, a side income can become your full-time profession if needed.

For many, the salary from their job is their livelihood. Therefore, an additional income will make you less dependent on it. 

Importance of extra sources of income:

There can be various reasons and several justifications for why you absolutely should look for a side income. 

The first that springs to mind are the increasing cost of leading a healthy life. Where you can get junk foods for sale, they won’t give you the nutrition, immunity, or strength good foods generally provide. And the good food isn’t getting cheap.

Then, there’s another side of health, and that’s medical procedures. All around the world, medical treatments and hospital bills are getting way out of hand. Even medical insurance is getting much more expensive and, for many, unaffordable.

A side income can help you maintain health and resue you when it goes down.

It’s difficult to tell now how secure your job really is. An extra source of income, however low it is, gives you backup options to fall on to. Think of it as a contingency plan for unemployment.

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An additional source of income can help immensely for the school, college, and education fees. Overall, that’ll come as your children grow up. However, it can also give you a bit of luxury, in that you don’t need to cut some basic needs off to save money.

It can come in handy if you’re planning on an expensive purchase or taking a loan. You’ll breathe much easier even after paying for the liabilities and debts.

Ways to create additional income:

Here are some simple ways that will help you generate a substantial amount of income:

  • Start Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most popular trends in the last decade. If you think you have something to tell, something to share, blogging can be the platform for your outbursts of emotions and expressions.

But it can also earn you good money if you can find your target audience. The initial stages’ minimal investment can be recovered easily, especially if you have the expertise or in-depth knowledge about the topics.

But it takes time, patience, honesty, knowledge, willpower, and hard graft. This isn’t your best bet if your job takes everything out of you.

Learn to write better, follow experienced bloggers, and eventually, you can employ Google Ads and take in affiliate marketing partners for a good payout. 

  • Good investments

Interest from your bank account won’t make you any money soon. Rather look for other options like mutual funds, ETFs, large-cap stocks, government bonds, etc. 

Corporate bonds are another safe option to grow money over a small period of time. The interest rates are higher than traditional savings accounts or government bonds, but the risk is minimal compared to full-fledged stock trading. Visit for a better understanding and details.

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For better guidance, consult a financial advisor. Invest in different sorts of funds, and always keep in mind the risk factor of a particular investment.

  • Use your real estate properties.

Real estate investment historically has been one of the least risky markets to invest in but one of the most profitable in contrast.

If you can afford it, you can surely invest in it. The returns can be astronomical if you can choose your location well.

Also, if you have any property, you can rent, invite paying guests, offer it on Airbnb or similar platforms, or just sell it if you want a big load of cash immediately. 

  • Become a teacher/mentor/freelancer

Your experience and skill in any particular field can also give you a better income. There are so many jobs nowadays that if you stick to them and market your skill well, you can easily become a freelancer.

A guest lecturer in college, online tuition teacher, providing workshops- there’s no end to the options you can have.

The best part is you can do these at your own pace, in your own time. So make a schedule, and stick to it.

  • Start a small business.

If you can make anything well, there’s a market for it. From homemade cookies to scented soaps- everything can be sold. 

And you won’t need connections or have to acquire various permissions to start a small business either. You can start with a little investment and a lot of passion.

Rather than creating a whole online website and managing every little thing, use Amazon and its gigantic user base to make a name for yourself. They’ll do the hard work, and you’ll get both the money and reputation.

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If you need a better future, start planning from today. And in the coming years, economic turmoil may reach a crescendo.

You’ll always feel lucky and secure if you have an extra source of income.  

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