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Why Is Your Home Attractive To Pests?


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Pests are a huge nuisance to your home. They damage your belongings and food, cause diseases, and litter your living room. It can be too much for any homeowner. But pest does not pop out of anywhere. If you have repeated pest problems in your home, it could mean your home has an attractive environment, and you should contact a wildlife removal in Gaithersburg, MD. In this blog, we will discuss how your house can attract unwanted guests and the ways to fix the problem. 

Why is your home attractive to pests?

There are several reasons why your home is attractive to pests.

  • Food scraps/dirty dishes

The kitchen is the first place where the pests are going to invade. It is due to the reason that pests are attracted to food residue. If you keep dirty dishes/food scraps on the counter or sink, you provide a food source for cockroaches, ants, and other pests. Apart from dirty dishes, most people do not clean their kitchen floor. The little food crumbs that accumulate daily provide food sources to the pests. 

  • Leaky pipes and faucets

Another factor that attracts pests to your home is moisture. Remember, every organism requires water to survive, and a leaky pipe of faucets can provide them with the needed water. Also, leaky pipes can damage your home’s foundation and structure, providing the pests with an entry point. If you have problems with vermin, check with a plumber if there are any leaks. Also, stagnant water, like a pet’s bowl that is not emptied for days or a flower pot that collects rainwater, can also attract pests. 

  • Open windows and doors
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The welcome sign of most pests is an easy-to-access home. Open doors and windows are the perfect way for pests to enter. They can also enter through cracks and openings or simply fly through the door or window when it is open. It is best to close the doors and windows when not using them. You can also install screens on your windows and stopper on doors to keep them closed.

  • Clutters

A cluttered home is comfortable for pests to invade. Pests prefer hiding in undisturbed, dark spots; clutter is the perfect hiding spot. It is also an excellent place for pests to establish dwellings and multiply without interruptions. If you keep stacks of old books and newspapers in the basement, damaged farming tools, and old clothes in the laundry, this is the spot where pests make their home.

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