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10 Best Pieces of Advice You Could Ever Get About SEO in the Banking Sector


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SEO is one of the most reliable ways to receive online traffic, regardless of which industry we’re talking about. For the banking sector, that has become even more apparent due to the expansion of online banking.

And because online banking has the potential to draw in clients nationally and internationally, the roles of edge SEO and local SEO are even greater.

In this article, we’ll focus on some of the best tips to ensure your bank succeeds with SEO strategies. Plus, we’ll highlight some of the SEO tactics you should avoid.

1. On-Page SEO Is Critical Component of Banking Marketing Strategy

On-page SEO will make sure that the pages of your website receive a better search engine ranking. That’s why making sure your page content, title tags, URL structure, and even the alt tags for your images are effective is going to improve your online visibility.

2. High-Quality Content Is Key

This rule applies to all SEO strategies.With long-term goals in mind, that’s what’s going to get you more traffic. The problem with the banking sector, however, is that thin content is usually the only kind of content available.

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When was the last time you read more than a few sentences on a specific topic on a banking or financial institution website?

The focus should be on informative, educational, and above all, helpful content. That doesn’t mean you should overwhelm the visitors with content, but rather provide an abundance of information. Safari Digital SEO Agency advises their clients that Google is looking for informative content that delivers real value for users.

3. Banking and Local SEO Go Hand in Hand

For banks with local branches, local SEO should be an essential component of their SEO strategy. What does that entail exactly?

Ensuring that your bank is on the local listings, and that location pages are tagged on your website. It also means actively seeking reviews from your loyal customers. And focusing on creating local content.

4. Don’t Forget About Mobile Responsiveness

Every major bank has an online banking app. Even if it doesn’t, most people will reach for their mobile device to perform a banking transaction.

Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure that your bank’s app or website is mobile-friendly. By applying the principles of technical SEO, you could have a fast and mobile responsive website. Search engine algorithms favour both factors.

5. Keyword Optimisation Is for Banking Sector Too

Knowing what your customers are looking for is knowing how to drive traffic to your website. That knowledge comes from detailed keyword research. For banks, keywords with high-volume and little competition are the ones to look for.

6. Using Internal Links

When you’re building your bank’s website, internal linking is something that can be incredibly beneficial. You can link to other pages on your website that contain a phone number or a relevant contact. An internal link to your Home Page is also something that should be strategically located on every page of your website.

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7. Using External Links

The trick with external links is not to go overboard. In SEO for the banking sector, the best approach is to link to a relevant statistic or another financial institution you’re partnered with. You can use external links to connect customers to other international banking websites or government agencies.

8. Reviews Are SEO Currency

When you’re building your bank’s online reputation, there’s no running away from the reviews. In fact, the more reviews, the better.

A good system is having someone dedicated to answering all reviews in a respectful and timely manner. This type of engagement will lead to more traffic and higher conversion rates.

9. Including Infographics

Banking isn’t the most popular of topics in general, but it’s also something everyone needs to deal with almost every day.

That’s why using infographics and other multimedia to convey information can be an excellent SEO tactic. Visually explaining complex topics to your clients can lead to increased online exposure.

10. Using the Hreflang Tags

Hreflang tags or attributes are used when you need to tell Google or other search engines about the targeted language on your website pages.

The implementation of Hreflang is possible with edge SEO. So, depending on which country you’re in, your website will come up in a specific language.

Grow Your Client Base with SEO

Making the most of SEO practises from this list will, without a doubt, serve your SEO strategy. However, there are many more SEO tactics that help you achieve your long-term goals. The bottom line is that growing your client list will take time.

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But with these SEO tips from SEO gold coast, your plans might turn into reality a little faster. And if there are just a few pieces of advice to remember, it’s to focus on creating content, welcome honest reviews, and ensure your website is mobile-friendly.


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