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10 Online Grocery Stores You Should Check Out


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Would you rather not leave the house than go grocery shopping? You might also not want to deal with the stress of standing in line for hours to return hundreds of items. If you want to simplify, automate, or cut down on the time you spend shopping for groceries, many of these sites offer products at significant discounts compared to traditional retail.

Shopping for groceries online is a great way to avoid crowded hallways and lost shopping carts in the parking lot of your local grocery store. Online grocery shopping saves time, but you must give up some control.

1. The Reject Shop

The Reject Shop is a chain of inexpensive variety stores. Additionally, The Reject Shop’s grocery range offers various goods, such as meals, snack foods, gift vouchers, party supplies, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, storage, kitchenware, home furnishings, and seasonal items.

Generally, The Reject Shop Ltd is a discount store that sells a wide range of goods. It gets about 60% of its stock from other countries and wants to avoid making customers pay more for freight and raw materials. 

Many things can be ordered online and delivered on the same day, including food, snacks, things for pets, party favors, cleaning materials, hygiene products, etc.

2. Amazon

Amazon customers can order groceries through several Amazon services, such as Amazon Pantry, which has various non-perishable items, Amazon Fresh, and Prime Now deliveries from Whole Foods Market. Additionally, you can have your groceries brought right to your door quickly and easily. 

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Prices for groceries on Amazon are all over the place. However, with sales and promotions, you can get great deals on some items, but you may have to pay more for others.

3. Weee!

Weee! is an online Asian and Hispanic grocery store that sells thousands of items from all over the world, many of which you can’t get at your local grocery store. Fresh vegetables, cooked meals, and simple snacks like bread and crackers are all readily accessible. As a bonus, you can also order from nearby restaurants in some places.

4. Instacart

The first online grocery delivery business, Instacart, was founded in 2010. Using this service, you are paired with a personal shopper and can order Food from participating local grocery stores. 

Additionally, deliveries might happen as soon as the following day, depending on when you place your purchase, or you can specify a later date. A note from your shopper will also ask what you’d want to replace the unavailable item with or if you’d prefer a refund.

5. Peapod

Peapod is an online store that sells food. Many of the things that Peapod sells come from its stock. However, Peapod is much more like a regular grocery store than other options on this list. Generally, people can pick up their items at the Peapod distribution center instead of having them shipped to them to save money on shipping costs.

6. FreshDirect

Fresh Direct takes pride in giving its customers the best fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses that money can buy. Generally, fresh Direct is a great choice if you’re worried about where your produce comes from or if your poultry is free-range. Many of Fresh Direct’s products come with information about what they are, so you can learn more about what you’re eating before it gets to you.

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7. Whole Foods

Whole Foods is one of the best online grocery shopping services. There is now a service fee to cover the delivery cost and same-day scheduling. However, it may be well worth it, depending on where you live and how long the checkout lines are at your local organic grocery store. In addition, a free pick-up is also an option for those who don’t mind driving (or walking).

8. Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Food is a service that sends out fruits, vegetables, and other foods that don’t look as good as the ones you can buy in stores. Even though some of your deliveries might not be perfect, you are still helping the environment and the supply chain. 

Food that wasn’t perfect was thrown away for a long time. A group called Imperfect Foods wants to keep ugly vegetables from going to waste by saving them from ending up in landfills.

9. Boxed

Suppose you use the Express Grocery channel, which sends a Boxed Shopper to do your shopping for you if you live in a region that allows it. Generally, you can get fish, frozen foods, dairy, and all the other things you would normally buy. For $49 a year, you can join Boxed Up and get free or cheaper shipping and 2% cash back on everything you buy from Boxed.

10. Thrive Market

You have to be a member in order to shop on Thrive Market, which costs you $60 for the year. However, once you’re a member, you can purchase various enjoyable items. For specialized diets like keto or gluten-free, there are basic kits available. 

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While most foods are shelf-stable, you may find a wonderful assortment of meat and seafood in abundance. You should also give the private-label brand a try. Also, shipping is free if your order is over $49.

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