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10 Tips for Choosing the Best Sales Funnel Software Solution


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A sales funnel is a framework that embodies all the various stages required for attracting a suitable target audience, convincing them, and getting them to take the desired action. Its various stages include:

  • Creating Awareness
  • Instigating Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Decision
  • Retention

This framework is particularly important for a successful publicity and marketing campaign. This is why it has to be properly designed and executed. For starters, this calls for knowledge of how to build a successful sales funnel campaign. 

Furthermore, you need to come to terms with the importance of using pertinent software solutions. However, it has to be the right kind, which is why some valuable tips for making the right choice will be discussed here.

Qualities of the Right Sales Funnel Software Tools

So much depends on the quality of sales funnel software solutions that are engaged. Many software developers and their teams understand this. This is why there are many acclaimed software solutions advertised for meeting this essential need.

However, not every one of them is good enough. For this reason, you need to be very mindful of your choices in this regard. In the spirit of ensuring that your choice meets and/or exceeds expectations, here are some considerations:

Define & Understand Your Needs

The term sales funnel software is becoming more ambiguous by the day. The reason is that some options are more focused on executing certain tasks than others. For example, it has been discovered that some options are more or less jack-of-all-trade.

On the other hand, some are more focused on enabling the execution of certain tasks. By the way, this Clickfunnels vs Kartra comparison is one of the best ways to drive home this point. This is considering how one of them is more service-focused, while the other is more of a jack-of-all-trade product.

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In light of the aforementioned, there have been lingering questions on which option is better. Well, the answer depends on your needs, which is why you are advised to define and understand them.

Be that as it may, the fact that these software solutions are supposed to allow for the integration of other software solutions means that many people prefer service-focused options. Speaking of third-party integration, the next point does justice to this subject.

Third-Party Integration

There is so much that a sales funnel campaign entails. There are (at least) two possibilities as a result of this. The first is that your chosen software tool would be unable to directly address all your campaign needs.

The second is that your choice would not be designed to focus on certain aspects even if it does a lot. The solution therefore lies in using other software tools/plugins alongside your major sales funnel software tool, which is why third-party integration is an important feature.

For example, some options do not have payment solutions to enable new and existing clients to pay for products/services. On the other hand, some options have in-built payment systems that are not preferred by clients or are not the best for transactional purposes.

For either of the aforementioned reasons, the ability to integrate payment solutions such as PayPal and Stripe would make a world of difference. This is a prime example of why the possibility and ease of integrating external features should be a major priority when choosing.


There are many complexities at the very core of designing and test-running these software solutions. However, users do not have to be burdened with dealing with these complexities.

In other words, intuitiveness and usability should be high on the list of things to be considered when choosing a sales funnel software solution. The reason is so that you would not have a hard time putting its features to great use. To provide a better perspective, a user-friendly software tool would be one that:

  • Can be Easily Installed
  • Can be Easily Updated
  • Is Efficient
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Is Easy to Troubleshoot
  • Easy to Remove
  • Handles Errors effectively
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In addition to the above-listed and several others, it has to adhere to industry standards. 

Customer Support

Of course, it has to be designed to function in such a way that there would be very little or no need for customer support services. Notwithstanding, the truth is that there will always be the possibility of needing the customer support team.

Furthermore, some users require the assistance of customer support agents simply for clarification. Getting across to the customer support team should not be a problem, whatever the reason is.

It is best if responses are near-instant and helpful. So, bear this in mind when making your choice.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile accessibility has become an absolute necessity in the world of software development and the use of these digital solutions. The reason is because of the mobile advantage that comes with using them on mobile phones and gadgets.

Furthermore, ensuring that your choice has this feature means that it can be engaged regardless of where you are. This is as long as you have your mobile device and internet connection.


The plan and expectation are for your business to scale new heights and break new ground. On this note, you should know that some good options are questionable in this regard. This is considering how they are not very scalable.

In light of this, be very conscious about settling for something that would fit in regardless of your business’s size and growth rate. However, this may require switching subscription plans as some plans are better suited for businesses of certain scales and sizes. So, this should also inform your decision when choosing subscription plans.

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Reviews & Recommendations

You should go through online reviews, recommendations, and testimonials. Information gathered can prove very helpful in understanding how reliable and satisfactory various options are.

However, you have to be very mindful of the platforms consulted for this purpose. The reason is that some platforms are very biased in their reviews and recommendations.

To this end, knowledge of how to tell unbiased reviews and recommendations apart from biased ones comes in very handy. For example, you have to pay attention to the author and the tone of the conversation. 

Cost Value

It is tempting to make decisions based on how affordable a software solution is. However, you should be more concerned about the cost-per-value ratio. This is more like your return on investment.

Furthermore, you should be wary of options that operate with hidden fees. Thoroughly going through the contract agreement will clear your doubts in this regard. So, make sure to do this.


Every business needs some measure of personalization to prove a point in their market and this is where customization comes in. You can opt for sales funnel software solutions that allow you to customize in various ways. This could be the customization of email templates and funnel templates for instance.

Demo Feature

The best way to know that a sales funnel software tool is good enough or otherwise is by trying it out. This is why it is good to consider options that have demo features for new users.

Doing so ensures that you have first-hand experience of what the software solution has to offer. As a result, you would be well able to make an informed choice.



Planning a sales funnel campaign without the use of a sales funnel software tool is like planning to fail in today’s world. However, the right software tool must be engaged for the campaign, which is why valuable tips for making the right choice have been disclosed here. So, make sure to choose especially based on the tips shared here.

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