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NetSuite Project Management Reviews 2022: Specifications, Features, and Pricing


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NetSuite software is probably a household name in workplaces all over the globe. The software is often regarded as the best ERP option available, and it can facilitate the control of your organization like no one else. You receive accessibility to various activities with NetSuite project management that help you manage your business from beginning to end. You may do everything from handling prospects to assisting with payroll.

NetSuite is a full-featured ERP system that provides effective outcome and inventory control capabilities. The NetSuite project is what you want in businesses of all sizes. The application enables users to handle everything – from bookkeeping costs – to the most straightforward manner possible.

The software is pretty old and famous and has earned a reputation for its dependability. NetSuite is a user favorite with multiple customers across over 200 countries. The software is available in various dialects, including French, Korean, and others. NetSuite management software has top-notch features that help your organization grow. Continue reading if you’re keen to know more about software.

NetSuite Project Management Features:


One of the most appealing features of NetSuite project management software is the ability to customize things to your comfort. With this tool, you may personalize the dashboard and workflows to meet your specific requirements. The software enables you to ensure that all the characteristics are managed in the way you desire. With this NetSuite software, you can alter and modify practically everything and tailor your demands to your specifications. It is one of the software’s most significant advantages.

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Lead management is a critical component of any sales representative. Using NetSuite project management software, you may effectively assign this activity to the program. It will store all of your inquiries for you. Not only that, but the software also rates the leads by readiness, allowing you to focus more efforts on leads with a greater conversion rate. Overall, this function aids firms in resources allocation appropriately for referrals and, as a result, saves time and effort for you.


Any digital or in-person business that wants to prosper needs to use email marketing should go for NetSuite for marketing. With NetSuite managing projects, you can turn email marketing into a precise yet simple result-oriented. This tool enables you to develop fantastic marketing efforts sent via email to new or present consumers. Email marketing allows you to develop dynamic and profitable strategies from newsletters to discounts. All of it is taken care of by the software via the email marketing database through the email delivery. You may even evaluate the campaign’s efficacy using statistics like how many individuals read them.

Insight Visibility:

Taking rational decisions takes actual insightful visibility. NetSuite succeeds in this area. NetSuite allows users to access information from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, because NetSuite enables connectivity through a unified platform, you won’t need to employ numerous resources to acquire data. As a result, businesses will be able to receive reliable reports in a timely way to make better decisions.


Integrations are saviors, and many software provides them to a limited extent. However, they can be proved highly beneficial and game-changing for the work outcome where everything is accessed through one platform. NetSuite is built to work with other software like Google Apps, SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle. It eliminates the need for customers to select among NetSuite and other alternatives. As per the comprehensive APIs, firms may seamlessly integrate NetSuite with other suitable software products to take their efficiency to the next level.

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Swift Support Portal:

Although the client service portal would not be a component of the software itself, it is a service from a user’s edge point of view. This feature offers you accessibility to a portal where you may submit issues or grievances, which are subsequently dealt with by NetSuite software’s employee’s help. This function will resolve all of your problems and difficulties almost promptly. Good software, most often, fails to provide proper after-customer support to its clients, but this is not the case with NetSuite project management, as this service makes it an excellent pick.

Why Pick NetSuite Project Management Software?

In today’s environment, tech-powered businesses are progressively occupying the densely commercial climate. Invest in a technology that helps you save time and helps users emphasize critical activities if you want to secure long-term growth and success. Versatile project management tools are included in the software, allowing organizations to record the capital accounts.

Also, NetSuite Project Management reviews frequently attest to the fact that resource planning is one of the numerous features of NetSuite. You may narrow it down for assets by using specific skills, accessibility, and title filters. Furthermore, you can assign several assets to a single assignment with a single tap.

You also get this ERP application, one of the leading outcomes per NetSuite project management reviews. Reliability, an interconnected database, a virtualized solution, and effective stock management are just a few advantages of adopting NetSuite. The cost of NetSuite project management varies with the size of the company. It is a cutting-edge benefit for using NetSuite, where you hand on such reliable and robust software for project management.

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NetSuite Project Management Pricing:

NetSuite software is considered one of the most expensive ERP and accounting services cloud providers in the world. The best tool for organizations of all sizes, particularly for mediocre businesses and divisions of large enterprises, includes various features.

NetSuite has not yet revealed its cost. The size of the company and the number of customers impact the price. The NetSuite packages approximately cost $399 a year for every user. The cost of the module can be variable, and NetSuite never discloses pricing information openly. Moreover, NetSuite’sNetSuite’s project functionality does not have a free version or a basic model.


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