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3 Digital Industries With Great investment Potential


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Every investor and investment agent in the world is always looking for the next big thing but, while you can research and track data day in and day out, getting a guaranteed win is fundamentally impossible in the market. What may be a better idea is thinking outside the box and looking in different places for opportunities with proven track records.

The iGaming Industry

IGaming as an industry covers a wide array of different specific games and companies, but effectively anything to do with online slots, online casino games, or sports betting falls under the banner. It can range from the online roulette games and slots offered by major international providers like Betfair to smaller, local sports companies operating in single countries anywhere in the world.

As an industry, it is on the safer side of investments as it has seen high, steady growth for well over a decade. While some markets have dropped off, there are new ones opening up all the time and expansion doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon. Moreover, there are a number of casino startups looking for investment virtually year-round, whether that’s casino sites or the game developers themselves. As always, nothing is guaranteed but it’s overall easier to get a hit than a miss.

AI and AR: Thinking Differently

If you saw the term AI and wondered how this extremely popular field of technology could be considered to be thinking differently. The difference comes when you start breaking down AI into the various smaller business ventures that don’t form part of the main software development. While large companies like Microsoft and Apple are leading the way on that front, a large number of smaller groups are tackling other needs around it.

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For example, with AI being a buzzword for all kinds of businesses right now, many are looking for services to guide them through the introduction process. That’s why a large number of AI consultation services have appeared, and with how many places we’re already seeing it applied, an investment in them is as solid as investing in the tech itself.

Those following the tech world will no doubt have seen the big hype around virtual reality a few years ago and how it also seems to have faded with time. Until there is somehow a VR headset publicly available that comes with a low price tag and some major apps to justify the cost, VR is commercially more stagnant than many had hoped.

On the other hand, AR, or augmented reality, is a growing market simply because of how many applications it can have and the near-zero cost to the client to make use of it. The hype has never been at the same scale as VR but as far as investments go, the predicted growth is both strong and steady and the market will be around for a good long time.

If the world of technology teaches anything, it’s that the next innovation is always around the corner. Keep an open mind and open eyes and make sure you catch the next one!

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