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3 Effective and Safe Techniques Taught in Lip Filler Courses


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A few people look at their thin lips as a problem. Lip thinning is a common process as you age. In both cases, the best option is to get lip fillers for a better appearance. Using non-surgical treatments for achieving beautiful lips has become common over the last few years. Thus, a large number of people are attracted to pursue lip treatment courses. 

So, if you are planning to enroll in a lip filler course, the scope is really high. Today, we will discuss the different techniques used to obtain fuller lips that are included in the course. 

Lip Tenting Technique

The other course that you can consider opting for as your aesthetic training course is the lip tenting course. Lip Tenting is a technique for controlling the contour and volume of the lips. The needle is inserted into the white lip numerous times, aiming for the center. As the needle is removed, hyaluronic acid is injected to provide volume inside the lip’s muscle region and to create pillar-like structures that protrude the white lip. By changing the pressure on the syringe and keeping an eye on the position of the needle tip at all times, this technique regulates the volume and contour of your lips. To obtain a ‘fashionable’ look, young lips may require additional volume in the middle body of the lip, whilst senior patients may choose for lip contour rebuilding. 

Collagen Lip Fillers

When thinking of getting their lips done, some people opt for collagen lip fillers. So, it is also a great choice to make your career. Collagen lip fillers, once the most popular type of dermal filler, have lost favor in recent years because of the comfort and naturalistic appearance afforded by HA fillers. Collagen, on the other hand, lasts longer than HA fillers, and the current alternatives are thought to be safer than prior forms. Collagen plumps the lips, whereas HA fillers plump the lips while also trapping water within them for a more realistic, full pout. Many aesthetic courses in the UK include collagen lip fillers; check the full module to get a better idea. 

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Linear Injection Technique

People also opt for linear injection techniques for their lips. Let us explain what happens in this technique so you can make up your mind if you want to pursue this course or not. A cannula or a needle can be used for the linear injection. Injections parallel to the vermilion border are used in this procedure. This is a common lip enhancement technique. This linear approach is not recommended by some plastic surgeons for two reasons. These are the reasons:

  • To begin with, a longitudinally formed filler bolus is prone to gel displacement inside its borders, particularly in a highly dynamic location like the lips.
  • Second, filling the vermillion border can result in an odd, ‘duck’ shape lip, reducing the sharp edge of the canine arcs’ targeted young appearance

These are some common safe and effective lip filler techniques that are included in lip filler courses. You must read the brochure or whole syllabus of the course before you enroll in one, so that you know which one you need to specialize in. 

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