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3 Reasons Your Business Needs VPNs


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There have always been many hurdles to surmount on the path to achieving business success, but the technological developments of recent years seem to have pressurized the commercial landscape further. 

One such solution is Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, a technology that has entered the public consciousness at a time when online security and privacy are of greater concern than ever.

Protect Customer Data

Nowadays, when cybercrime is occurring on an ever-widening scale, the smart move is to put every possible measure in place to ensure that you protect their data. Modern consumers are tech-savvy, after all. They understand the value of their data and they will only entrust it to organizations who handle it responsibly.

VPNs can help you in this regard because they provide an important added layer of data protection for both you and your customers. This is because a VPN sends your traffic through a secure tunnel, using encryption to secure data transfer. As such, should a cybercriminal find vulnerabilities in your network and gain unauthorized access, they will be unable to exploit any of your or your customers’ sensitive data. 

Having such a cybersecurity measure in place can go a long way toward establishing the trust upon which fruitful long-term customer relationships are built.

Enable remote working

While the discussion has settled to some degree since the advent of the pandemic, the remote work movement is still very much ongoing, and it’s not going away. 

By incorporating VPNs as a core part of daily operations at your business, you can benefit from robust encryption protocols to ensure that company network access is always secure and authorized. This will allow you to rise above the limitations of your geography to work with the best talent available from around the world, and it won’t be long before the results are made manifest in your company’s performance and growth.

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The smartest organizations are already taking the inside track by embracing the concept of flexible, hybrid, and even fully remote working arrangements, and they’re reaping the rewards by picking up the best industry talent. To stay competitive in the coming years, it’s essential to get in on the act, and that means establishing an infrastructure and operational framework that supports secure remote work. This is something that VPN technology can have a major part to play in.

Better Digital Marketing & SEO

One issue is the existence of targeted results on search engines, which can skew results pages according to the location. This can be problematic because it prevents your organization from gaining meaningful insights when conducting SEO keyword and market research for different regions. Additionally, with online censorship and geo-blocking becoming more commonplace, social media content is often region-blocked, making it difficult to get a read on consumer sentiment or reach out to audiences in other parts of the world. Again, though, VPNs can offer a solution.

In the age of mobile devices and social media, missing out on the boundless marketing opportunities the digital space presents is simply inexcusable. To be truly competitive in this day and age, your company needs to leverage the power of digital and social media marketing to the fullest extent. Of course, while that is simple to say, marketing teams routinely encounter problems due to geographical factors.

Because VPNs allow you to conceal your IP and divert your connection via a remote server, they effectively enable you to simulate searches from other regions. This means you can see more relevant SERPs and draw deeper, more accurate insights from research. 

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Additionally, changing your location using a VPN will let you view and upload posts in any region. You can use a Netherlands VPN server to research trends in the Dutch market, for instance, and a server in Spain to get to grips with markets there. As such, you can establish meaningful connections with key audiences and build a strong foundation for further success.


Turning a new business into a genuine market force is no mean feat nowadays, as the pitfalls of the digital space are further compounding the challenges of the business world. To drive long-term growth and reach your organizational goals, you need to have the right tools in place to equip your business for success in the digital space, and VPNs have a huge part to play in that.

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