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Common Questions You Should Ask When Talking To a Solar Company


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Have you started looking into solar panels to reduce your energy costs? You may have investigated a federal and Texas solar tax credit and financing options. You probably evaluated your property for energy production efficiency. Now you are ready to start contacting installers. These are some questions you should ask.

Questions About Solar Panels

Before you contact, solar companies in Dallas, you should understand a few things about the panels themselves. Find out what types of panels the company intends to install. They may be thin-film, monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels. Some companies also install solar shingles or passive solar heating systems.

You can choose to have off-grid or on-grid systems, but you need battery backups for off-grid panels. Therefore, ask about the battery system you need to store the power your panels produce. You should also find out if your inverter is a string, microinverter or power optimizer.

Ask for the make and model numbers for each panel the company installs on your home. Discuss the inverter model and type. Find out what size system you need for your desired energy usage. Learn about any warranties or system performance guarantees.

The solar company should also conduct an on-site inspection to determine where to install the panels and if you have obstructions that could shade the panels, impacting their efficiency. Discuss the shape, size, direction and slope of your home as well.

Questions About Cost and Financing

Cost is always a concern. Therefore, ask for a clear description of all your system costs. Be sure they break it down. Then, find out if the company offers financing or works with a financier. Discuss any rebates, tax credits or other incentives that can reduce your costs. Make sure you discuss all the fees, especially any you may receive from your utility company or outside contractors.

You should also discuss whether you can receive credits from your utility company when you can transfer unused electricity back to the grid. Some utilities offer a partial trade, where you get discounted energy when you don’t produce enough for your needs. You may get one kWh per every two or five you produce and sell back to the utility. Your local installation company should have the details.

Questions About the Company

You should also ask about the installation company. First, ask when the company started and whether it is licensed and insured. Ask whether it has on-staff electricians and installers or if the company contracts this workout.

Find out who the company will use to install your panels and what type of experience these individuals have. Learn whether the company has worked with your utility company previously and for how long.

Ask for and check the company’s references. If you have questions about the paperwork, ask them. Also, learn about the contract and what it includes. Discuss a timeframe and when the company can fit you into its schedule.

As you interview solar companies San Antonio, ask every question that comes to mind. Get as much information as you can so you can make an informed decision.

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