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3 Risks of Gaming for Mental Health


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Gaming brings fun, replenishes your energy, and gives you many positive emotions. Moreover, specialized sites like Slothunter Canada startle us with brightness and entertainment diversity, giving us adrenalin with endorphins. Still, like any other positive thing, it can negatively impact your health. Right now, we will focus on what detriments a gamer might experience regarding the mental aspect.

1. Addiction to Thrill

The mentioned combo of adrenalin and endorphins, multiplied by serotonin and other hormones, makes us happy like never before. Nevertheless, we cannot sustain the euphoric state for long. Thus, we need to up the ante and look for extreme experiences. Consequently, it leads to addiction because the gamer’s brain chemistry is getting used to this state. The player becomes irritable, anxious, and stressed when not playing.


As a rule, that happens with casino players who savor the spicy taste of victory and tap deposit buttons repeatedly to snatch another win. Of course, the randomness of casino games does not let the gamer take everything from the treasury. Hence, the system makes the person lose, then lets them win once or twice, and their cash reserve drains bit by bit. Addicted gamers cannot stop spinning and take loans to proceed. That might have detrimental consequences.

Lawful casinos understand the problematic nature of their functioning and contribute to systems restricting gamers from excessive and aggressive playing. It is vital to check casino review articles to ensure that the picked gambling website supports responsible gambling principles and cares about clients. As a rule, only the best gambling websites support that.

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Regular gaming 

Still, the same thing happens to gamers who play RPGs and shooters and enjoy other gaming industry products. Yet again, epic worlds, cute characters, and artificial communication with an AI replace natural sources of getting the “happy” hormones. Furthermore, the escapist lifestyle remains an unsolved yet serious issue we often neglect. As a result, more people who love gaming forget about the matters of their physical existence and get stuck in the bright worlds of Genshins, Dark Souls, Skyrims, and so on.

2. Ignorance of the Physical Aspect

Yet again, while spending hours in front of screens, gamers often forget about their physical existence. Moreover, when the player is engrossed in the game and does not have time to think about basic needs like hunger or thirst, it might result in severe problems. For instance, some people get kidney and stomach problems from malnutrition as they forget to eat or drink water.

The lack of physical activity also impacts the gamer as it might get severe back pain (because of sitting in one position for too long). It is vital to take breaks and walk around or do some exercises to avoid such problems. Yet, most people who love gaming tend to neglect these matters, which might result in more complicated issues like obesity, scoliosis, etc.

3. Social Isolation

Social interaction is integral to our lives as it allows us to get new experiences and meet people with different backgrounds and worldviews. A person who does not have such interactions for a prolonged period might lead to social anxiety or agoraphobia.

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Of course, gamers can find friends in the virtual world and play together. Nevertheless, it cannot replace natural socializing as human interaction happens in real time, and we need to see each other’s expressions and hear voices to understand emotions.

What is more, when a person chooses an extreme form of socialization like MMORPGs, it might have a more significant impact as the gamer starts comparing their life with the artificial world where everything is perfect. The player forgets about real-life problems and escapes into the game to feel better. As a result, such an approach might lead to depression as nothing in the real world can meet the expectations set by an unreal world.

Final Words

To sum up, gambling, as well as gaming, might harm mental health. It is essential to be aware of the risks and take measures to avoid them. The most significant dangers of gaming are social isolation, ignorance of physical needs, and addiction. Hence, finding a balance and not letting the game control your life is vital.


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