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4 Reasons Why a Cabinet Restoration May Be Right For You


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There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to kitchen renovation. One of them has to do with the cabinetry. Should you have everything ripped out and replaced, or would a cabinet restoration be the best choice? Here are a few reasons why the latter approach may be the perfect solution for your kitchen.

You Like the Basic Cabinet Design

The cabinet design suits you perfectly. it’s not just the general design itself; the shelving happens to be in the ideal spots for your use. In fact, there’s nothing about the cabinets that you would change, if they looked a little better.

You could probably find new cabinets that are similar in design, but why go to all that trouble? Since a professional has confirmed that the cabinets are still in good shape, it makes sense to keep them and restore the cabinetry.

Most of the Issues are Cosmetic

In terms of function and utility, there are not problems with the cabinets. At the same time, you’re the first to admit that the years are beginning to show. In fact, they are one of the elements in the kitchen that tend to drag down the entire look.

That can change if you have a professional restore the cabinets. While leaving them in place, it’s possible to make some changes and give them a fresh look. When the work is done, the appearance is better than it’s been in years. At the same time, you have the benefits of the functions and efficiency that the cabinetry has provided for as long as you’ve owned the house.

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The Expense is More Affordable

There is a matter of a budget to take into account. Looking over what you want to do with the space, it’s easy to see how a cabinet restoration rather than a cabinet replacement would help keep the costs in line. Given that you like the cabinetry anyway, it makes sense to consider this option.

Many homeowners love the idea of achieving a goal while keeping costs within reason. Talk with the contractor and confirm that it would cost less to restore the cabinets than to buy and install new ones of the same quality. If the answer is yes, your choice is an easy one.

And The Work Will Be Done Sooner

Time is also something to keep in mind. You realize that a kitchen renovation can’t be completed in a day, but the desire for it to take no longer than necessary is evident. How would opting to keep the cabinets and restore them impact the amount of time the renovation will take?

It turns out that opting to restore the cabinets will save a significant amount of time as well as money. With that settled, the only logical solution is to go with the restoration and focus on other aspects of the kitchen renovation.

Remember that before you make any decision, make sure that the cabinets are basically sturdy and that you can envision living with them for many more years. If so, and you find that the cost is within reason, feel free to talk about ideas for restoring the old cabinets rather than buying new ones. In the long run, a little planning now will ensure that you’re happy with the cabinets for a long time to come.

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