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4 Small-Budget Team-Building Strategies for Startups


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Any company, including startups, may achieve success with a highly productive and driven workforce. New companies must go above and above to enlist important resources. But recruiting the top personnel for your organization is just one aspect of team building. Engaging employees is crucial in giving them a reason to contribute and stay on the team for the long run.

According to Gitnux data, 20% of organizations are more likely to retain employees by promoting collaborative efforts. Additionally, teams that have a high degree of trust report 76% employee engagement, which is much higher than the 13% global average. As a startup, team-building exercises can yield significant returns.

You might be concerned about the cost of these activities, though. Budgetary restrictions are a common problem for startups, and any money spent on anything other than necessities may appear unnecessary. Fortunately, team-building exercises don’t have to be extremely expensive.

This post will discuss several tried-and-true low-cost team-building techniques that entrepreneurs can use to achieve tangible outcomes.

Organize Friendly Challenges and Games

Gallup notes that the pandemic years were not the best from a workforce engagement perspective. The percentage of engaged employees fell from 36% in 2022 to 34% in 2021. In 2022, the decrease persisted, as 32% of workers expressed disengagement. Achieving the correct number is essential for startups looking to expand and become more productive.

A cost-effective way to promote cooperation and teamwork is by setting up friendly competitions and games. Try out some trivia competitions, virtual escape rooms, and office games; these are great for small groups. Similarly, Lego team-building activities are great for encouraging communication and teamwork.

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Tyler Clites notes that Lego games may bring amusement to both your virtual and in-person gatherings. Small-scale customized kits are reasonably priced and can add excitement and challenge to the event for participants. You might want to think about rewarding the winners with little prizes and incentives.

Plan Virtual Coffee Chats

According to Upwork statistics, nearly 32.6 million Americans will be remote workers by 2025, which equates to 22% of the workforce. Startups favor remote or hybrid approaches because of their affordability and sustainability. Even if you might be concerned that in this case, your team members don’t interact, you might come up with inventive team-building exercises like virtual coffee dates.

With this strategy, your staff members can connect informally via video conferencing tools. Invite them to meet in pairs at random so they can have informal talks over coffee. They get the chance to get to know one another outside of the workplace. It is an opportunity for a startup to strengthen relationships and foster a sense of unity without investing any money.

Implement Cross-Training Sessions

Indeed defines cross-training as a process that gets the employees ready to perform tasks of a different role beyond their current one. When it comes to training employees for a different function, managers determine which skills are necessary. The plan works well since it increases the organization’s team-building efforts and productivity.

Peer-to-peer cross-training is an internal organizational process in which members of various teams convene, exchange perspectives, and engage in deeper dialogue. People feel more enthusiastic, valued, and motivated as they learn new skills and interact closely with co-workers from different departments. That’s a win-win for startups.

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Encourage Volunteer Activities

Team-building is more than about bonding over fun, games, and entertainment. Bringing your team together to contribute to a cause is an even better way to build camaraderie in your startup. Data shows that corporate volunteer initiatives can lead to an 89% increase in employee engagement. Not to mention, volunteering costs nothing, making it an ideal option for startups running tight on cash.

Engage your team in activities aligning with your startup’s values. Look for local community organizations or causes that may benefit from your team’s skills and time. For example, your employees can take up evening classes for underprivileged children, volunteer at a local shelter, or organize a beach cleanup.

Team members can bond while contributing to a common cause. Volunteering also creates a sense of fulfillment, which translates into increased morale in the workplace. At the same time, it gives you a good reputation as a startup. Your organization can stand out among the established players by doing its bit for the community.

Summing up, team-building should not be about toppling your startup budget. You can bring people together, encourage personal bonding, and drive camaraderie with these creative and cost-effective measures. When people feel genuinely close, they give their best and take the organization on the road to success.


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