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5 Advantages of Working with a Full-Service Cloud Partner


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Upgrading your business’s cloud infrastructure all sounds very well – but does it have to be expensive?

Many costs associated with improved cloud capabilities come down to needing to seek third-party help when you encounter an issue or inefficient use of your options. These costs aren’t necessary.

By working with a full-service cloud partner, you can make your business more efficient, more scalable, and have access to all the support you need whenever you need it – no need to waste valuable time and resources on troubleshooting.

Here’s how it works.

1. Tailored Support from Cloud Experts

You’d be amazed at how many valuable work hours companies lose per year trying to troubleshoot software issues.

It’s infinitely more cost-effective to be able to get in touch with cloud experts whenever you need assistance. Ongoing partnerships often have low or even no monthly costs and can save you so much time that you could be spending more profitably elsewhere.

Furthermore, the solutions provided by your expert partners will always be the most effective solutions possible – not stopgaps or band-aid fixes. You’ll have full confidence that your cloud infrastructure is working at 100% at all times, and help will always be available to minimize downtime.

It’s a no-brainer. Ensure that your cloud partner provides exemplary customer service and tailored support whenever you have an issue. Your business will be happier for it.

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2. Full Training

Better yet, why not make sure that key personnel are trained on how to manage your company’s cloud infrastructure from the word go?

The best providers will ensure that staff are fully trained on how to use new software whenever it’s installed. This streamlines development and allows your team to make decisions more confidently.

Knowing that support is always available is essential. Knowing that your team has been trained by cloud experts to get the most out of your software is even better.

3. Assistance with Analytics

Cloud analytics are one of the most important resources a modern business has access to. Analytics help you understand inefficiencies in your company and assign cloud costs to the relevant users.

Intelligent support with analytics lets your company assign costs to the responsible teams and stakeholders. This means that you’ll have a fairer, more transparent relationship with your partners and will be able to drive down internal costs – freeing up your budget for other enterprises.

Understanding analytics isn’t always straightforward, which is why it’s recommended to partner with an analytic specialist who can quickly help you understand your cloud usage and costs.

4. Cost Savings on Computing

Your cloud compute spend shouldn’t be static – it should be responsive to demand. Flexibility is essential if you want to make savings in the long term.

A good cloud services partner will have flexibility built into their product. This will help you make savings when your usage is low, but also ensure you’re not paying over the odds even during peak usage times.

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5. Scalability

Your company needs to be flexible – and scalable. While tools like Amazon Web Services offer built-in scalability tools such as Spot Instances, these aren’t always optimal. Your applications may become less reliable when utilizing Spot Instances without proper support.

The best AWS software providers will ensure that you can make the most from Spot Instances and similar tools without any risk of losing reliability. This allows your company to function at full capacity even when saving around 90% on your compute spend.

Final Thoughts

There’s no substitute for expertise. Partnering with a cloud expert is simply the best way to ensure that your company’s cloud infrastructure works for your business, and not against it.

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