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5 Benefits Of Introducing Hemp Into Your Automotive Business


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Individuals are beginning to realize that hemp is undeniably helpful in the auto industry-yes; the very herb that’s been under scrutiny and skepticism for years is now proving itself in the auto arena.

Of course, many dismiss this as a baseless myth considering that hemp is but a plant, and a car needs more to operate.

Well, a CNBC video of a luxurious-looking red sports vehicle called Renew is doing its rounds. Manufacturers made the car from 100 pounds of hemp.

A former executive at Dell, Bruce Dietzen, saw the car and loved it. He invested $200,000 to get his prototype created.

So is hemp the future of the automotive industry? Is Get Kush Dispensary reliable? Has anyone ever experimented with it before today? The post below has answers to these and many other hemp-related queries you may have.

About Hemp

Also known as industrial hemp, hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that farmers grow for industrial purposes and edible seeds.

Most people confuse it with the cannabis herbs that serve as sources for the drug preparation hashish and the drug marijuana.

Although all three items- marijuana, hemp, and hashish- have THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol- a compound in cannabis that produces psychoactive effects in people, the variety of cannabis that farmers cultivate for hemp has lower THC levels.

Is Industrial Hemp for Cars a New Thing?

No. Various people thought of the idea and came up with vehicles based on their research and ingenuity. Some cars made from hemp include:

  • Eco Elise, Lotus Hemp Car- this car was made in 2008 by Lotus and weighed 70.5 lbs (32kg) less than the standard Elise S, meaning it will offer better performance and higher fuel economy digits.
  • Henry Ford’s Hemp Car- In 1941, Henry Ford constructed a vehicle containing cellulose fibers obtained from wheat straw, hemp, and sisal. The plastic was ten times stronger than steel and lighter than the metal.
  • Kestrel Car- Motives Industries Inc. introduced Kestrel, a bio-composite and electric vehicle that manufacturers created from hemp and other synthetic and organic fibers.
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Constructing vehicle components, including the external shell using hemp, could lower the ever-increasing number of rusting car body parts from old lots.

Manufacturers clean and then heat and sometimes mix hemp fibers with a few biodegradable plastics to maximize their overall power. The designers then mold the threads to create hardened paneling and filling. 

Is Hemp Plastic a Better Option?

Car manufacturers have used petroleum-based plastics on vehicles for years. They discovered that it isn’t sustainable and sought a better alternative, specifically, hemp plastic.

Henry Ford proved that it’s possible. His 1940 vehicle was almost entirely crafted out of cannabis plastic. It only depended on metal for the framework.

Hemp is better since hemp hurds is approximately 80% cellulose in nature. All plastics, regardless of where individuals obtain them, need cellulose to form the especially malleable yet long-lasting features.

Why You Should Introduce Hemp Into Your Automotive Enterprise, hemp boasts many impressive advantages that can be useful in the automotive industry, such as:

  1. It’s Safer

Plastics that manufacturers make from petroleum have detrimental contaminants such as bisphenol A which experts have connected to complications such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Infertility
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Breast and prostate cancer
  • Asthma

On the other hand, hemp doesn’t have any hazardous plastics, making it a safer choice not just for you but the environment as well.

  1. It’s Strong

It sounds impossible, but hemp fibers are more robust than steel. Experts have studied their strength from a compressive and tensile-strength perspective and have discovered that it’s true.

Tensile strength is the rhino spark tautness or tension that a substance can take before being permanently deformed.

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Compression strength is the amount of compression that an object can take before it loses its ability to mend itself.

When you compare petroleum-based plastics to bhang plastic, the latter is three point five times more robust and five times stiffer. 

Because of this, cannabis plastics are more long-lasting and have a lower likelihood of disintegrating, which additionally makes them more secure.

  1. It’s Biodegradable

Hemp is biodegradable when manufacturers make it with biodegradable polymers.

While most plastic items will take at least 1,000 years before they fully decompose, hemp plastic will take approximately 3 to 6 months to compose entirely- and you can recycle it indefinitely.

  1. It’s Lighter

Hemp is a viable option for vehicles due to its light characteristic. The best part is it maintains the integrity of the car while carrying out its purpose effectively.

Scientists are still weighing the idea of using it, but it has proven to be worth your time from past experiments.

  1. It’s Renewable

Hemp is a renewable resource that benefits the environment rather than degrading it. Hemp plants absorb toxic metals, can be cultivated repeatedly, hinder soil erosion, lower water pollution, and reduce water pollution. 


Hemp has more benefits than we can ever imagine. The ones above are sufficient to show us how much of a game-changer it can be in the automotive arena.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to try something out of the ordinary or a person looking for a better car, then a hemp car could be all you need. From the look of things, it is the future of the automotive industry.

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Introduce it in your vehicle trade today and witness the wonders of hemp firsthand.




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