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Finding Professional Motorcycle Transport Service for Commercial Purpose


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There is a huge market of two-wheelers expanding continuously because of their compact size. The fan base of motorcycles has a new level that you will not even see in cars. They are stylish, glamorous, cost-efficient & compact. This is the main reason why you can find a huge scope in motorbikes selling a business. The main issue with this business is the safe transportation of vehicles. Motorcycles are expensive assets & you need to pay extra attention when they are brand new. When it comes to the transportation of motorcycles for commercial purposes, only a professional agency can help with this concern. Scroll down to know why the assistance of a professional transporter is necessary.

Why only trust a professional bikes transportation service provider?

Even a minor scratch is enough to reduce the value of a brand new motorcycle. You cannot afford such a huge loss. Unsafe transportation is the major reason why a motorcycle gets scratches or any other damage. Unlike cars, they stand only on 2 wheels. Consequently, the risk of damaging during transportation always remains higher. A professional transporter has a complete fleet of heavy-duty vehicles capable of carrying any kind of vehicle ranging from bike to heaviest earthmovers. While searching for a proficient motorcycle transport services agency, you need to consider the following points in priority.

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How to find a proficient motorcycle transportation service provider?

1. Check their insurance coverage policies 

The first thing you need to confirm from a vehicle transportation agency is the terms & conditions section. There are different kinds of insurance policies covering potential risks during the entire journey. Read their conditions carefully and make sure that there must be no loophole keeping the entire assets value uncovered. For complete satisfaction, communicate with the service providers and ask to clarify all clauses. Some companies cover accidental damage but ignore natural calamities in their claim policies. If damage occurs due to situations like heavy snowfall or landslide, the insurance policy must cover every single aspect.

2. The capacity of vehicles carrier

Every vehicle carrier has different load capacities that may or may not suit according to your requirement. For instance, if the vehicle carrier has the capacity of transporting 10 motorcycles and the consignment involves 15, it’s better to find someone else. They will use carrier vehicles for transportation of your 15 water cycles that cost double. Contact specialists of motorcycle transport agencies where they have options to select vehicles of different capacities.

3. Adequate safety measures 

When it comes to safety concerns, never compromise with the service quality over money. Always prefer enclosed bike shipping carrier which is protected from all sides. During the occurrence of a road accident or natural calamities, enclosed shipping container ensures the utmost protection of vehicles even after a big collision impact.

4. Accountability from loading to delivery 

Read the terms & conditions carefully to confirm that they are taking responsibility from loading to unloading of motorcycles. If the motorcycle transport company is only mentioning its responsibility of journey and excluding loading or unloading phase, it’s better to find someone else. There are special techniques to load the bikes, adjust them on-ramp with safety, and unload without causing any damage.

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5. Punctuality 

Punctuality is the key to success in a business whether it is regarding production, transportation, or distribution. Make sure that the transporter is committing to deliver the consignment in a specific period. If late, there must be the provision of penality, refund, or denial of acceptance.

While searching for the cheapest motorcycle shipping company, never forget to consider these points. Investing a little bit higher for the safety of your consignment is not going to hurt.

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