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5 Different Ways to Advance Your Career


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Advancing your career often requires going above and beyond your current job duties. Whether you want a promotion, a raise, or just to expand your skills, there are several paths you can take to propel your career forward. Here are 5 effective ways to do that. 

Further Your Education

One of the best ways to advance in your career is to pursue further education. Going back to school shows employers you are dedicated to improving yourself. It also equips you with new skills, knowledge, and credentials that make you more qualified for higher level roles. Options for furthering your education include:

  • Getting an advanced degree like a masters or PhD. Pursuing a masters in HR management, for example, can prepare you for leadership roles in HR.
  • Taking individual courses in your field. A few targeted classes can help you gain expertise.
  • Getting an industry certification. Certificates verify your skills in specialized areas like project management or data analytics.
  • Gaining additional education gives you an edge over the competition when it comes time for promotions.

Develop New Skills

Aside from formal education, you can advance your career by developing new skills on your own. The workplace is constantly evolving, so adding to your skillset prepares you for changes. Ways to build skills include:

  • Taking online classes in areas like technology, communication, or management. Many are low-cost or even free.
  • Learning a new software, programming language, or other technical skill. Stay up-to-date on what tools are being used in your industry.
  • Practicing public speaking, writing, or other soft skills. These allow you to take on different responsibilities.
  • Volunteering or serving on work committees to gain leadership experience. This gets you ready for management roles.

When you can show evidence of new abilities, you become qualified for broader roles.

Take on Additional Responsibilities

Instead of waiting for a promotion, take initiative by seeking out extra duties in your current role. Look for ways to expand your impact such as:

  • Managing a project or mentoring an intern to demonstrate leadership skills.
  • Cross-training in other departments to learn new aspects of the business.
  • Spearheading a new initiative, process improvement, or company program to showcase your strategic abilities.
  • Writing for industry publications or speaking at events to gain visibility as a thought leader.

Proactively asking for more responsibilities shows you can handle advancement. It also helps you gain new experience for your resume.

Network and Develop Relationships

Expanding your professional relationships is critical for ongoing career growth. Networking leads to new job opportunities and gives you advocates who can recommend you for key assignments. The people you know play a significant role in advancing your career. Nurture relationships with influential contacts.

Enhance Your Visibility

Lastly, make sure key decision-makers in your workplace are aware of your skills and accomplishments. When leaders see you performing at a high level, it paves the way for career advancement.

Advancing your career requires dedication and strategic action. By using these tips, you can position yourself for the promotions and success you seek. Determine which one or two areas you would like to focus on improving first and start advancing your career today.

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