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What Jobs Exist in Education (Outside of Teaching)?


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So, you spent a bit of time taking on an education course. Congratulations – you’re embarking on a career that is highly demanded and can be incredibly rewarding.

You may think that a course in education necessitates that upon completion, you must step foot into a classroom and be teaching students until the end of time. In fact, a large proportion of education graduates don’t pursue careers within the classroom – pursuing careers in the education sector that are beyond the conventional classroom.

There is a wide range of careers available in the education sector that take on jobs outside of teaching – let’s explore some of the roles that are available to you upon the completion of a Master of Education and how you can use the skills and techniques that you have honed in your education course in a range of varied environments.

Teaching Isn’t Always the End Goal

Teaching in the classroom isn’t necessarily the end goal for many students undertaking education qualifications. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly two in five educators leave teaching and end up in a career that is an education-related profession – using the skills and knowledge they picked up to educate in environments that are nowhere near a classroom. 

Teaching outside of a school can be rewarding for those that are uncomfortable with a school environment. Perhaps you want to use your skills to educate in different environments, and that’s perfectly OK. Let’s explore some of the potential career options that are available once you’ve completed an education degree, that still uses the skills you’ve learned, but aren’t within a school environment.

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Educating Outside the Classroom – Corporate Training

One of the most well-known roles that you can undertake with an education qualification outside of a classroom or a school is the role of the corporate trainer. In this role, you will be a champion for implementing training schedules for staff within your organization.

Depending on where you work, this could be a variety of different educational contexts. For example, a corporate trainer that works in a warehouse may ensure that employees keep up to date with standard statutory compliance with heavy equipment such as forklifts and stackers. In an office environment, you may be training staff on the importance of corporate strategies such as data governance and data ethics. Exploring open corporate trainer roles on job hire websites such as Seek can give you a really great understanding of what may be required in a particular area.

Ultimately, the role of a corporate trainer can be widely varied. For those that have an education degree, however, this can potentially be an area where you can apply your extensive education knowledge with a vastly different audience.

Life Coaching – Educating Decision Making

Another area for potential educators to lean into is the role of a life coach. For many trying to figure out what they want to do with their life, goal-setting and finding direction can be disorienting. In fact, there is a large proportion of people out there who are looking for some guidance in setting, making, and defining goals that they can then use in their everyday life. 

The role of a life coach is really to support people in setting goals, and hitting targets, and for those that have an education qualification, it can be a great opportunity to really align coaching frameworks with teaching and learning. new things about the soft skills that really help drive success such as being organized and being able to manage your time effectively

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Personal Training – Physical Learning

Maybe you’re looking to pursue a career that involves learning but doesn’t involve paperwork or guiding people toward complicated outcomes. Maybe you just want to make a difference by getting the people around you fit and healthy. 

In this case, a career as a personal trainer might be an option. As a trainer, you are well-equipped and have a very good understanding of the physical capacities of people. Applying your educational knowledge, you can help embed positive health strategies within a community.

Education is More Than Teaching

As you can see, education is much more than teaching. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in the corporate world, help people reach their life goals, or even work to improve physical health outcomes, there is a wide range of careers that are available that use your education qualifications to do good but don’t leave you in a classroom.

At the end of the day, a qualification can take you to many places, not always where you’re expecting. Don’t be afraid to explore and evaluate new options that are made available to you as you pursue your career – who knows you may just end up in a role that you love in an area that you may not have been initially expecting.

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