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5 Explanation On Why Promote Youtube Channel Is Important


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YouTube promotion is important because of the growing popularity of the platform for both consumers and businesses. Brands have access to a large global audience and a video platform algorithm that recommends personalized content to improve the number of views. It also plays a role in digital marketing by easily sharing videos on other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Marketing includes more than just the product, it includes developing relationships with customers by maintaining an online presence. There are other explanations for the importance of YouTube channel promotion with these listed having the most impact on the importance.

Large Audience

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform and second most popular search engine with over 2 million users a month around the world. Active users are people that log in to the site at least once a month with over 60% using it daily and over 90% using it weekly. This large global audience is available in over 100 countries and available in around 80 languages. The ability to access YouTube videos on other social media platforms makes the audience even larger for YouTube channel promotion. Every minute, people upload 500 videos on YouTube and the average viewing session is at least 40 minutes, showing that YouTube channel promotion is important for businesses and brands.

Preference Increase

Consumer preference for video content is increasing and taking advantage of the growing demand is important to promote YouTube channel for businesses. Approximately 60% of people prefer YouTube for watching online videos over television with between 80% and 90% of Americans aged 15 to 44 years using YouTube. In fact, almost 80% of internet users have YouTube accounts with over 70% having an active presence. The simplicity of the platform for sharing videos is the main reason for increased preferences. People watch 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube and search the most for how-to videos targeted at beginners. 

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Videos Drive Growth

YouTube is the second most popular platform with 60% of businesses using YouTube to post video content. Marketers say it is the best return on investment to promote YouTube channel. Users drive growth for video marketing with over 60% experiencing a personal connection to the content and 70% actively engaging with channels. Over half of consumers purchase from brands on social media through video content to research products or brands. Consumers are more likely to purchase from the new brands and products 90% discover on YouTube with marketers saying it is the best return on investment to promote YouTube channel. 

Digital Marketing Role

Digital marketing includes YouTube channel promotion through other social media sites, emails, websites, and online stores. Videos posted on websites improve SEO, increase sales, and viewers stay on the site longer. Mobile-friendly videos are important to advertising since at least 70% of videos viewed came from mobile devices. The YouTube app is in the top five most downloaded iPhone apps. Most marketers include YouTube channel promotion to stay competitive by maintaining a channel. Send videos in emails with newsletters, product information, and announcements to make them more personal. Improve the click-through rate by sending email reminders for unfinished videos. 

Platform Improves Views

YouTube promotion is simple with the accessibility of the platform’s video content sharing with 80% of marketers saying it is the most effective video platform. The platform improves the number of views with just over 80% of people watching the recommended content. The platform also affects consumer behavior when they research and discover new brands and products while driving sales from social media activity. Customized channels, creative content, and audience engagement improve exposure and lead to more views.

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These reasons are only some that explain the importance of maintaining a YouTube channel and promoting it in different ways to reach active users on YouTube and viewers of videos on other platforms. More people prefer using YouTube to watch online videos and is popular with a large variety of consumers from all age groups and multiple countries. Take advantage of the growth driven by increased preference from a wide audience on a platform that improves views and increases video content exposure. Take advantage of YouTube promotion services to help businesses increase views, traffic, and followers. 

The reasons YouTube channel promotion is important as video preference increases with a large audience and drives growth through integrated digital marketing on a platform designed to improve views.

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