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5 Medical Conditions And Injuries Related To Domestic Violence


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According to statistics, nearly 29% of the women and 10% of men in the US experience domestic violence that includes physical abuse and stalking by their partners and reported that it has a related impact on the functioning of their physical and mental health. 

In addition to causing trauma, domestic abuse contributes to several chronic health problems. Medical professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the effects of violence on health declare that there is a wide range of complications that are related to domestic violence. 

Some of those complications are:

  • Neurological Conditions

Speech Problems

Head trauma can cause speech issues. Domestic violence victims may stammer as a result of severe brain trauma, or as a result of fear or panic.


Domestic violence victims frequently suffer from migraines and headaches. In some cases,  Migraines have an uncertain cause; nonetheless, they are intimately linked to stress, depression, and anxiety, all of which are usually seen in domestic violence victims. 

Apart from stress and anxiety,  Traumatic brain injuries from strikes and hits can also induce headaches.


Since tension and depression sometimes cause high blood pressure issues, victims of domestic violence often suffer from high blood pressure issues which eventually lead to hemorrhagic strokes.

  • Cardiovascular And Respiratory Conditions


Medical researchers have emphasized that chest pain, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and chest pain are correlated and are often impacted by domestic violence. 

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Heart Diseases

Since victims of domestic violence experience depression, panic, stress, and anxiety, this increases their chances of suffering from heart problems. In severe cases, a great amount of stress can lead to heart attack and eventually heart failure.

  • Reproductive And Genital Conditions

Poor Pregnancy Outcomes

Stress during pregnancy can cause poor pregnancy outcomes. a baby’s low birth weight, abnormal growth, and uncertain developmental changes can be the result of stress experienced by the mother due to violence. Sometimes abuse during pregnancy can also cause abnormal deliveries and can also prove fatal. 

Urinary Tract Infections

Sexual abuse can cause UTIs. Since women have short urethra as compared to men, they are more susceptible to urinary tract infections. These infections can cause itching, burning, and discomfort during intercourse. 

Cervical Cancer

Sexual violence can result in an increased risk of cervical cancer. Since stress makes women lose their ability to fight common sexually transmitted diseases, they are more likely to develop cervical cancer. 

  •  Physical And Mental Health Conditions

Injuries And Fractures

When victims of domestic violence are hit with objects, pushed, or punched, it may cause fractures and broken bones. They may get severe injuries in case they are hit by blunt objects. 

Healing Problems

In severe cases, many domestic violence victims suffer from such bad injuries that they leave painful wounds and scars which keep reminding them of the pain and trauma they encountered. 

Those wounds may take longer to heal or sometimes they do not. Healing is not only limited to physical injuries but also includes feelings of being traumatized that the victim never forgets. 

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Suicidal Intentions

When violence is severe, victims begin to think about suicide which is caused by feelings of being helplessness where the victim feels that there is no chance to escape. 

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is caused by the fear of being abused again and again. This amount of stress can increase over time making the victim suffer from acute stress disorder. 

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